Is the new corvette stingray a z51 package.

Well, if I remember correctly aren’t Corvettes and Camaros built in Bowling Green, Kentucky and then sent off to Detroit to be tested and finished? I live in Michigan so I have seen the GM track where they test the vehicles and was even lucky enough to see some test mule Camaro’s once as well, but I thought they were built in Kentucky?

Vettes are built in Kentucky. They aren’t finished in Michigan, they ship to dealers from Bowling Green. The hand built engines used to be built in Wixom but the performance engine build center is now in Bowling Green as well.

Camaros are built in Canada and GM has announced future Camaro production will be moved to Lansing.

I like the C7 in FM5. And I am not a Corvette fan. Even stock it feels pretty well balanced to me and my upgrades maxed it out in A class and it was stronger than the C6 ZR1 in the Modern Touring Championship. But, that;s just my impression of the car.

It is a Z-51, no doubt in my mind. As mentioned previously, it has the Z-51 wheels, and I cannot find any reference to the Z-51 package having any special badging. Most convincing, when you install the race trans, it has the individual gear rations of the Z-51. (Look up the C7’s Tremec TR-6070 transmission on Wikipedia if to see what the ratios are)

Even /I/ set my best time ever on Laguna with the new vette, CLEAN at that. And my friends know I don’t set really good times at all. This vette rocks. (AND I am a Ford guy saying this)

I guess thats everyone opinion, personally i dont like it. I think the C5 Z06 handles better. I just think the “other game” did a much better job on the car.

As a citizen of the great Commonwealth, it is my duty to report that all Corvettes are built right here in Kentucky, about an hour south of me in Bowling Green. I believe the previous C6 ZR1 was partially assembled there and then shipped to Detroit to have the engine installed. As for the C7, to my knowledge they’re all rolling out of the Corvette factory.

They don’t make Camaros in Kentucky.

The hand built LS9, LS7, and dry sump LS3 used to be built in Wixom and shipped to Kentucky, the cars didn’t come to Michigan to have the engine installed.

Ford did have a deal like that with Saleen. Saleen built the Ford GT’s in Troy, MI, shipped them to Wixom (different plant in Wixom obviously), Ford installed the engine there and shipped the cars back to Saleen for final inspection and touch up work.

I can only speak for myself, but I know that throttle control in real life is a lot easier than it is in this game. I could be 100% wrong here, but I imagine a lot of people that are having problems with traction on the C7 in game, just simply might be having problems with throttle control in the game.

Personally, I think the C7 in the game handles phenomenal and I would hope that the real life C7 would handle the same way.

GM’s MR suspension has been a point of contention with me in Forza. You know the game doesn’t have the ability to model a semi-active damper. Just like it doesn’t have the ability to model the eLSD or a torque vectoring feature like the Audi Sport differential.

Given that it can’t be modeling the adjustibility of MR (which is actually an option on a Z51) nor the changing lock up of the eLSD (is standard on Z51), even if it is a Z51, it is really more like the base car with the mLSD and passive dampers even with the Z51 wheels.