Is Raesr Tachyon Speed rushed to put it into game?

The car is just not complete. It doesnt topped out at S2 998 and you cant adjust its anti-roll bars. It feels like devs just rushed it and put the car without paying attention its upgrades. In Current situtation it shares the same fate with the Polaris RZR and LaFerrari.

Well, you gotta remember that Forza doesn’t really assign the PI system on the cars, it’s the corporation itself that assigns it. Also, the Raesr just sucks bro. Aerodynamics are just spread everywhere and it doesn’t compliment the bodylines. The lithium ion battery isn’t really meant to be optimized like that either.

Wait, what?! This can’t be true. How would a manufacturer be able to gauge a desired PI when the people responsible for developing whatever PI-generating algorithm/formula/system/whateva barely seem to know how to use it? And even if they were permitted to do that, wouldn’t every car (at least every contemporary car) be kickbutt-awesome seeing as manufacturers have a vested interest in how even the digital Forza version of their car performs? It’s hard to imagine any marketing department being cool with their new product performing like or otherwise being useful as :poop: if they could help it and there seems to be enough contemporary cars in-game that players are largely dissatisfied with for one reason or another (namely performance) to think that what you suggest isn’t true. If I am in fact wrong, please show me where the devs admit to allowing PI to be determined entirely by manufacturers so I, too, can revel in disgust.

The same “fate” as the Polaris RZR that sits atop several lower-class off-road leaderboards?

I was going to say something of the same thing. I’ve already noticed the Tachyon in my rivals list so it’s getting some good times.

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I know a lot people are dissatisfied with it, and perhaps there is something reasonable he is trying to get at, I’m not sure; it’s just that comparing the RAESR and the RZR for any reason other than similar-sounding names, at least on the surface, seems a little absurd (or quite a stretch, at the very least).

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Both cars cant topped out at their given class. LaFerrari also cant topped out at S2 998.

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RZR can get to the top of its class and those above surely? La Ferrari is right though - albeit 992/996 is a lot closer than the Raesr!

Nope. RZR stucks around S1 890. If it would have been a great competitor against Trailcat if it had a weight reduction kit.

Just because something can maxed out to a certain PI doesn’t mean that it should.


My mistake. I meant the Rj anderson Polaris not the other one. Rj anderson starts with S1 815 PI and it cannot topped out at S1 900. With a weight reduction kit, it would reach S1 900.

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Understood. Honestly, and to your point, it has so little flexibility in H4 that I’ve hardly used it and totally forgot it was even in the game. It’s a shame, really.

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Pretty sure talha is referring to the RJ Anderson Pro Truck and not the Polaris RZR. Former is capped at 892.
The LaFerrari can reach 998, even X-class, but only as RWD which is worse than the 992 AWD build.
Those two are launch cars and simply ports from H3 so I can somewhat understand their PI shortcoming.
On the RAESR on the other hand I don’t. Weight reduction is an artificial value so why don’t scale it in a way the car could reach 998. It wouldn’t be overpowered anyway. So it just feels like wasted potential.

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That does make more sense; with a S1 RZR weighing in around 1,600 lbs, I’m not sure how much RZR would be left after a full weight reduction package…probably just the R’s-worth!

Is the RAESR rushed?..maybe. You should here the sound distortion/crackle when you use it during Forzathon live. It almost felt like the game was going to crash when ever the announcer said “ro-e-e-e-und com…eh…eh…eh…plete” lol.

However, Bree was correct in the other thread. The RAESR is actually more affective with rally tires. My 0-100 time jumped from 5.7 secs to 4.5 secs just by switching tires (from race to rally).

It’s not bad on dirt…although I do agree that it’s a wasted opportunity not being able to reach S998.

Still…I have a feeling this car was more meant for a future Motorsport game rather than horizon, but that’s just my opinion.

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Do your guys find that there is no rear lights of the car

At least it got a new sound, and not some worn out weak sounding trash one like the Jesko got.

I don’t think its rushed.

Like all electric cars in game it has very limited upgrading options. Don’t aksy me why, but they are pretty much all like that.

And the PI rating is calculated based on the technical properties from the real car. Its not something the devs just assign to make it match in a certain class.
Due to the limited upgrading options the car just sits at the PI rating of the real car, which might not be very favorable in game.

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I could be wrong but is it possible that the Tachyon can’t adjust roll bar stiffness because it does not have or need anti roll bars? Electric cars tend to put motors on or near the wheels themselves. Like I said I don’t know any of this for certain but it sure would be hard to tune a non existent anti roll bar.

As for weight reductions on racing vehicles - what weight is there to reduce? They already have had any creature comforts stripped out, no radios, AC, carpet, most don’t have doors or glass windows, no passenger seats or only one, etc etc. The team that races those vehicles in real life would have already done everything possible to remove unnecessary weight from the vehicle.

The RJ Anderson pro truck doesn’t even have a steel body it is made of a steel tube roll cage with a two piece fiberglass shell laid over top of it. Not really any weight loss left without risking reliability or safety. I guess you could remove the fire extinguisher and the nerf padding on the roll bars for a pound or two of weight saving. Or just drive it with a half tank of gas.

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