Is Raesr Tachyon Speed rushed to put it into game?

Lamborghini Diablo Gtr can shave of more then 400 kg with weight reduction kit. And yes its a race car.

Weight reduction kits are artifical values and can be easily adjusted. Even if they didnt make sense in real world (like in Lamborghini Diablo Gtr) It can be easily done in game.

The Diablo GTR was a racing car from over twenty years ago, and still retained the steel body structure from the road going Diablo GT. There are still opportunities for weight savings there. The chassis and body can be stripped and Acid dipped, lightweight batteries can be installed, newer lighter composite materials can be utilized. All of that had already been done on the RJ Anderson truck if it even could be done at all. I think that Turn 10 has done an excellent job limiting upgrades to where they are possible. You can’t engine swap or turbocharge an electric car. The electric engines themselves only contain one moving part and are widely optimized by the manufacturer out of the box. The only real upgrade path for an electric vehicle is to increase voltage, lower resistance, or replace the engines entirely with more powerful ones.


Diablo GTR is already stripped and removed all unnecessary parts. There is no way in the whole world you can shave of 480 kg. For comparision sake Audi Rs6 can only shave of 415 kg while the car itself is 1985 kg. Not convinced? Ferrari 599 XXE can shave off 328 kg. Honda Ridgeline Baja can shave off 245 kg. Ford Gt40 mk2 can shave of 160 kg. Porsche 959 rally raid can shave of 242 kg. Koenigsegg CCGT, Maserati Mc12 Corsa, Aston Martin Vulcan etc. List goes on.

The real reason why Diablo Gtr can shave of that amount of kg is actually a homoglation stuff from Forza Motorsport 7. It has nothing to do with realism because a race car shave of more then a 2 tonnes family car is beyond me.

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talha is correct on the Diablo GTR. The huge weight reduction (a body like a Diablo GTR could never achieve that) comes from FM7 where it was the fastest way to put it into the homologated class.
It was an after-launch addition and T10 probably didn’t want to fiddle around with engine power limit of the class because the stock engine was already within the homologated limit. So, they just removed weight until it fitted - hence the insane value. I could check the Diablo GTR’s weight reduction in FM4 where homologated classes weren’t a thing.

Later PG ported it over into H4 and kept the specs. That’s why it still has the absurd weight reduction.
Weight reduction is an artificial value most of the time. I highly doubt anyone ever calculated how much weight a RAESR can strip. They just set a value. So, it wouldn’t have been a problem to set it a few kg higher and let the car reach 998.

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