Is it possible to change to a non-default manufacturer car color without saving it as a design?

Today I got the “too many saves” error message in FH2 which might also explain why my cars were loading so slow lately. So I’m now going through the process of deleting every design saved in my game, hoping that will speed up loading cars for events as well. I noticed that by doing so all the cars roll back to the default manufacturer color, which is the first one on the left each time.

Now I wonder, is it possible for me to change to another manufacturer color without saving the colour as a design?

Why don’t you just try doing it? Seems like the time it took you to type this, you could have already tried.

From my understanding, nope.

Whatever color you purchase the car with comes “free” (as I like to say), and when/if you decide to change it, it’s a design now. If you wish to own said car in another manufacturer color, either delete some other designs (like you have been doing) or buy another of the cars in your color of choice.

It bothers me too. I’m at the 300 design cap as well, which I think sucks, as there’s now more than 300 cars in the game.

You are right, I just tested it. If you buy a car from the autoshow you indeed can buy a non-default manufacturer colour for “free” as you say. For example a brown (manufacturer) Dodge Daytona, it doesn’t show up in your designs list afterwards. If you then repaint it to the manufacturer black and choose “save to car” (and not “save to design catalogue”) it still gets saved to your design catalogue (is that a bug?). If you then delete said design, your Daytona in your garage changes to light blue, which is the default manufacturer colour for this car, being completely to the left side.

And I think you are right, as long as that “bug” is not saved that you cannot save a manufacturer colour to a car, you will have to buy said car from the dealership again.

Is this the same in Forza 5 BTW? Would be something interesting to keep in mind over a month when Forza 6 comes out. (I never played a Forza game besides FH2).

No, it’s not a bug. Any changes to your cars’ paint or vinyls after the initial download of the car constitute a ‘design’ and therefore have to have a saved file with that ‘design’ in your catalog. The paint scheme you choose at initial download is not considered a design and does not take a place in your design catalog … unless it’s a user-created livery that is downloaded. If you remove the paint/vinyls using the Erase Paint/Decals option from the paint shop, the car reverts to the design or paint scheme you chose when you initially downloaded the car … and the design you removed (from the car) remains in your design catalog and can be re-applied. If you delete the current design from your catalog (while in another car), then the design is removed and the car paint scheme changes to the first manufacturer’s color to the left of the manufacturer’s colors options in the paint shop (default manufacturer color).

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I don’t think that’s a bug, no. I think if it’s saved to your car, then the game automatically assumes you want it in your design catalogue anyway, perhaps in the interest of easy access to it if you buy another of that same car and want the same design.

I don’t know if it’s the same in FM5, to be honest. I’d imagine so, but I don’t want to officially say yes or no because again, I don’t know. I do know the same 300 design limit exists, however.

Thanks Wildcat, superb explanation!

I just tested this in game and apparently I bought my first Dodge Daytona in dark green, the one I got for free afterwards I took in light brown. If I do a paint job on both cars and delete the design, both change to the light blue colour (first left default manufacturer colour). If I then “erase” their design individually, both change back to their colours how I bought them (dark green and light brown).

So essentially, if you bought a car and picked a colour other than the default manufacturer one, you can revert back to your original colour or the default manufacturer colour as you wish, having the choice between 2 colours without saving a design pattern in your game.

I also noticed earlier while I was deleting all my designs that for a single car (for the record: which I only bought once but repainted several times) that the game also keeps all saves.

All a lot of hassle for a guy like me who doesn’t care at all about custom designs but just wants all his cars in the original/official dealership colours. And I guess the “buy first, worry about the colour later” approach I’ve done in other racing games (GT6, RR3) doesn’t really work here.

Good stuff to know for Forza 6 though, I’ll be much more careful there when I buy a new car.

^ Yea if you’ve made a design and you update it in one of the cars, all the cars with that design get updated which is a good touch, as sometimes I correct the paintjob or do a bit of editing lol