Is anyone else having recent problems racing?

for the last 2-3 days now the stability of the cars in game have become realy slopppy. its as if the cars took up heavy drinking and replaced their tires with bald grease soaked spare donut tires and its even worse when in group races where i would lose even more traction and ability to manage even simple corners with your car…

and i notice that im not the only one experiencing problems while racing and is there anyone even looking into what is causing this problem??? because its also causing major lagging issues and random event cancellations. but if i find out the handling sabotage was deliberate to make some rich crybaby happy ill make sure that we the target audience share our gratitude over that revilation with yall very openly… and if it wasnt a deliberate action to help the richly untalented couch wieghts to never get any better like everyother time something about the game got ruined. i request that you un due what performance changes yall added to the last updat because im almost certain yall did something that yall should quit doing to improve peformance when there was never any controll issues to fix untill now. and for future referance regaurding the complaints to fix it from your "sponsor players… tell them there are no game issues that need fixxing in those areas
and they should consider practicing more often like everyone else does. and when they threaten to leave and take thier money with them let them go. they wont even last a week and 2 days before they come right back if not the same day they left some using a false identity so that it still apears that they meant it when they stormed off in a tantrum. because check this fact out. a game addict is just as addicted to their form of drug as drug addicts are addicted to thier drugs. and yes some of them will end suffering from gameplay withdrawls like a heroine junkie by day 2 wich is when those one come right back on to play. and it will be like nothing ever happened after that since they will be too embarrassed to cuase any fuss for a while and maybe ease up the tention on tech support a lil too… just try to not cater to the rich babies fits for a month and see just how much affect it realy has on your ratings and cash flow i dare you!! or forever be looked down apon as nothing more than a diaper babies chicken nugget dinner pamper stuffing… but then again it doesnt take a psycic to know what your side dish is gona be… but still thank you for atleast starting off as a game with great potential i suppose…

Don’t do drugs, kids.


agrees with str3la. and dont grow up to be an assumer niether

so i see that the traction issue still hasent been fixxed all the way … still cant get traction with rally tires in the rain. and something else i noticed the car starts getting out of control progressivly too fast as you race on and its not just traction loss the whole car begins miss behaving

Just one quick question… how do you know you dont have traction in all wheels when raining?

All my cars with rain tires are completely ok.

That one is easy. I build and tune cars for specific races/weather. Road racing for instance, I have 3 unique builds, 1 for rain, 1 for dry and 1 for winter. Each one is tested and proven for that weather condition. So if I know my car handles rain well and suddenly it slides like drag tires on ice I know something changes.
The main problem is in the way the devs list tire compounds grip rating. Race tires being the highest, but they prove to be the worst when it comes to dirt, cross country races. But enough people start whining about grip numbers, they will change their formulas to match the grip rating in the game.
In real life, even the pros knows there’s a difference in tire compounds, which is why even in tarmac only racing they have rain specific tires. Rally/snow tires should actually be better in the rain than racing tires because the extra grooves would push more water away from the tires than racing tires would. But players don’t think that way, they see +37 as being better than +25 regardless of road surface.
They flood support complaining because of it, devs change things to shut down the flood of tickets.

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LOL, posted a similar thing about a week or two ago, I thought my TV’s “game mode” had turned off, where I felt I was going from like a 20ms lag to a 40 or 50ms, basically all the cars felt more lumbering and I was understeering off corners a hell of a lot more than usual (in cars that should otherwise be over-steering)…. I blame the Lizard People.

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well its rather simple logic if you actually think… for instance ive not had traction problems before till recently. what would you get from that ??? come on… how do you not notice loss of traction???

i apologise for how rude that sounded but, that realy is a question of logic…

I’m racing just fine and laptimes are consistent. If I was losing traction I’d be slower.


ok can anyone explain how i can not join any life sessions but i can still enter team events???

and if programers change something that affects anything major like the ability to go around corners. lets start with this. if your a drift racer then thats why you dont see anything different and butt out banana peel your comments are not needed nore appreciated. thank you… second if you dont see a difference in something that major either you suck too badly it doesnt matter or you are using traction mods cheater… anyways. how about instead of making all tires suck you programers just take off the numbers that the less inclined are running with and replace them with words like best for and worst for. i.e. example- race tires ( best for dry streets, not recomended for loose and or wet surfaces. or even post on all tires like this. street+/gravel-/ice×/rain-


major lagging issues and random event cancellations - actually this is regarding current global Xbox network issue … :frowning:

peformance - no changes, fresh instalation 2 days ago and run smoothly

the stability of the cars in game have become realy slopppy - crucial question - game control, Im on the steering wheel, no assistents, simulation, manual clutch (according to the car) an effort to set the most realistic FFB. So the unexpected loss of traction doesn’t bother me, however, a certain change is there, but it’s winter cold and freezing, snowing ? hmm … Otherwise, traction from the opposite point of view, trying to learn to drift and I have the opposite problem, during drift (no skid) the changes in traction are very “uneven” … traction is not just tires game responds on the change of settings the stabilizers and dampers its OK, maybe too much.