New Update Brings

Constant game crashing.
Extra cut scenes that produce even more lag.
I have yet to have a single problem with my Barbie doll, I just can’t seem to get a decent driving experience without some kind of problem.
Censor me, I know you will, but that will only further hurt your business as it will drive me away from spending money on such blatant incompetence.

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Seems the game only crashes when doing well.
Computer players get a new script to run?
I have legitimate grounds for claiming this.
The game crashed only twice on me last night.
Both times the chat had the message See Ya or something just before the crash. Since the game crashes I can’t get screen shots of this.
I suspect tgis would not be a problem for platform players if we had the oprion to escape the scripters on the computer.
One of the main reasons condoles out sell computer games is because of scripters.
I have been playing computer games since the mid 90’s with games such as Need For Speed and DooM 2.
I switched to consoles because of the scripters.
In the end,if they don’t address this problem they will only lose money in the long run.
There’s a very good reason platform games don’t have cross platform play, easier to determine if it’s a bug or a cheat.

Doesn’t matter if you allow this or not, but at least pass it along to the devs to save them a whole lot of frustration.
I could be wrong, but if you never bother to check, neither of us will.ever know for sure, and devs may be chasing an impossible bug to find because they are looking under the wrong rock.