Multiplayer lobby serious issue...

I’ve seen some major warping before, but nothing that ever disturbed my racing… until this weekend

knocked out of track completely!

follow the link for a vid, but I was completely removed from the race, I had to leave the lobby completely! O_O

We are probably going to live with the weird and disturbing warping and flying cars for awhile, until we have better internet all around.

Just try to respect the guys flying around you if you can, they don’t mean to do it, it’s not their fault. I usually just try to slow down just a little bit around these guys, but if I’m next to them and I need to push it, I’ve realized that the game tends to not make me hit them, i think they have a decent ghost period. But you still have to be somewhat considerate.

I just wish they would ghost the cars that never leave the starting grid more quickly. That causes wrecks way too often .

Definitely have had a lagger knock me out, but nothing as funny as this. Great vid!