Crazy lagg in online lobbies and ingame chat buggy..

So the last few days ive been doing some online races in A-class and it was all good up untill yesterday. I joined a lobby and all i could hear from voice chat was a loud blurry sound almost, kinda like when you dont have radio signals on the radio. This sound would come on everytime someone talked but only for about 2-3 seconds each time and then it stopped. I first thought it was my headsett so i replugged it and tried a new one, I even switched lobby a couple times to see if it was continuing to happen(it did btw). Now the sound in itself was kinda annoying but i just took off the headsett to ignore it for the race, but now the lagg comes into play. As soon i as could see my car and the countdown started i could see what was going on, the whole game was lagging. Sound was still blurry, all the cars where switching through slowmotion and going super fast(my own car included). It was imposibble to drive cause it looked like i was going about 60 mph at first then the speed goes up to max speed and bounce back down. Its hard to explain but on the speedometer i was going the regular speed at all times but the effects was laggy making it look like we switched from going 20mph then instantly blast off into 250 mph.

Anyone else having this issue or? Btw this only happens on multiplayer, i have no issues in test drive or career mode.

Hmm. May be a good time to clear your console’s temporary memory cache. Hold the Xbox One’s power button (not the controller’s) until the console turns off completely. Then, reboot and fire up Forza Motorsport 5. This procedure is known to fix gameplay anomalies and could very well resolve your issue.

Why does he need to force shutdown the console? Isn’t that bad? He should probably just clear Persistent Storage, clear Alternate Mac Address and restart console. Wouldn’t that fix it?

I’d like to know how force shutting down your console clears the cache. When you shut it down normally (assuming Energy Saving is on) and power it back up, doesn’t that clear everything up and count as a fresh boot?

Someone also told me clearing Local Saved Games clears up the cache. Is that true?

Ye will definetly try that out:) Cheers man!

This has been happening to people since day 1 - robotic voices speed up/slow down rubbish.

Many have mentioned it many times, and it’s still not fixed, and I don’t expect it ever will.

Ahh okey, im not that active on forums hehe so my bad for posting again :confused:

I think it should be posted about time and again until it’s fixed. I’m sure some aspiring mods might tell you otherwise

Try changing your Xbox one power setting to energy saving mode. This workaround has solved this issue for me.