Weird lag / stuttering in multiplayer

Tried some of the League racing today and the first race was fine, however every race after that experienced weird lag / stuttering.

I drive along and at random intervals, the game will stutter and jump a number of frames, this wouldn’t be so bad but in one race, I was in first. It stuttered and then I was in 10th as the other cars flew by only they didn’t drive, they just appeared according to my screen. It is as if the input from the controller isn’t carried through and I’m not accelerating during the stuttering.

Most of the time I can get away with the stuttering but on occasion it happens on the approach to a corner and next thing I know I’m in the wall.

Playing a 24 car race in SP was fine. Any one else seen this when playing online?

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I had exactly the same issue. I changed my Xbox One from a wireless connection to a wired one and it fixed everything.

Found out, it happens when someone uses global voice chat.
Muting everyone/using party solves the problem too.

No its not down to the voice chat that is just coincidence, I have also experienced this and Im always in party chat.

Its just another one for the list of problems that TURN 10 do not care about they’ve took our money and thats all they care about. They do not seem bothered that they are killing the forza brand.

If they do not sort out the issues with lag and the community me and thousands of others will not be giving them another penny!

As others mentioned above, being in party chat doesn’t resolve the problem when global chat activates.

I did a hard reset on my console and it actually cleared up the problem even when people started coughing down their mics which previously would have lagged me out.

Yea when somebody talks in game chat is makes my game go crazy…I am gonna try and mute everybody bc with this lag it makes it impossible to play online.

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Happened to me as well this afternoon, didn’t know it was due to the voice chat.

Is there a way to turn off voice chat permanently? Since when someone opens his mouth it sounds like he’s talking through a sewer pipe and I can’t understand the language anyway.

Just start a party chat before you start racing you won’t hear anyone, way easier than trying to keep up with muting in 24 person lobbies. However you also won’t be able to say sorry if you do make some contact with another racer.

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What a shame that voice chat is the cause. I love being able to let someone know I’m passing, or vice versa. I started a party chat in lobby of league race today to see how it worked, then game crashed and booted me to dashboard but kept party chat going. Very inconvenient to be able to chat with strangers😐

Odd, because I was experiencing this exact thing last night and I was already in a party chat at the time (by myself, easier to mute all that way). I also already have a wired connection for my Xbox.

It wasn’t awful, the stuttering, but it was certainly noticeable and almost made me blow a few corners.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve created a party like this thread suggested. Unfortunately, I can still hear them and it lags the game to the point of being unplayable. I’ve triple checked to make sure I’m in party chat. It doesn’t seem to work for me.

If you go into privacy settings and set the communication preferences to friends only does that help?

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I discovered this on the first day of world release. I have sent MAX an email explaining the problem. I’m glad in a way to see others now having this issue because it now becomes a real issue that Turn10 needs to fix because I am also getting tired of muting everyone every race.


I had this problem all or yesterday and was pulling my hair out - then spotted a comment on here about global chat which tied in with the problems I was getting (mad lag when someone spoke/sang/breathed on their mic - which was also badly broken up and filled with static). Creating a party and sitting in, unable to hear people in the game is my only solution atm, but now I feel I miss out on the GG/banter at the end of a tightly fought race.

how can you mute someone? In the hope that one day we can play the game online without having to hide in party chat, how can you mute that one person who’s broadcasting their eating/singing?

You select their name during intermission. The option doesn’t appear before or after that. I’ve had to start doing this since my party chat doesn’t mute the other players. I’m going to try making the party chat friends only as suggested. I’ll update if that works.

We need this fixed not a work around. By now one would of thought that a mod or Turn ten would of at least acknowledged this most unfortunate bug… Lets hope this is in the pipeline of fixes

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yeah this needs to get fixed. if the game is a full 24 people you dont have enough time to mute everyone!

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I have been having the same issue since day one. Totally gave up on online racing period because of it. I have a wired connection, ran a diagnostic on my connection to XBOX Live everything’s good. Pop back into game and try again and its a total lag fest. Til its fixed closest i will come to online play is rivals.

Still now word. I have to resort to a work around to play online. I really do not like having to start a private party to be able to play.

how do i start a private party chat in a lobby?

i have the same lag problem…

thank you!