"Invalid Data" for my designs on Forza Horizon 2?


So yesterday I purchased the Storm Island DLC for FH2, and with it have come some problems. The biggest problem is of course to do with my saved designs. When I go into my design library, only the designs I have made/downloaded after I bought Storm Island show up. The ones created before my download are titled “invalid data” and say “0” where the cars name should be. I cannot see the design or download it. Also, any cars I had in my garage with these designs on are reverted back to their stock color schemes, but my upgrades remain the same and so do my tunes.

The game allows me to download the designs I have posted to the storefront, but does not allow me to edit them as they are “locked” (even though I created them). I would not usually complain so much about this, but I have put very few of my designs on the storefront and I would also like to edit them.

I have done everything I can think of to remedy this, aside from uninstalling FH2 and uninstalling Storm Island. If any of you know how I can fix this, please help! I don’t want to lose all these things I spent so long making.

My gamertag is x Parabolica if you need to know. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit the originals in your Livery Editor from your own files, not the downloaded (locked) copies. When you upload something, it automatically is locked in the Design section (or Vinyls) to prevent others from doing exactly what you’re attempting.

Your own version remains in your own storage area. The uploading is a one-way street for posting only, and we cannot retrieve a file from there.

That is the problem. My local files are also corrupted or messed up and therefore I have no way of retrieving and of my liveries. The only place I can even see them at all is on the storefront when I search my own Gamertag.