Instead of houses, sell warehouses and garages in the next Horizon

This post is basically what the title of the post is; I love the idea in theory of the houses in the Horizon series, but they don’t actually function other than just a mini festival hub, where you can do sort of “unrealistic” things in your small houses driveway, such as swapping out a cars engine, stripping or replacing parts, etc. And while I know it is technically possible to do some of those things, many others just seem outright ridiculous do to, as tools required (say, an actual car lift) would be used in this process.

That’s why I think for the future horizon games, instead of just selling houses, there should be warehouses or garages sold as well. Not only does it sound more plausible that these warehouses can hold the many cars you inevitable obtain during your time playing the horizon game, it also helps to create a more, it creates a more immersive experience, pulling into one of your owned warehouses where you can upgrade your cars, and perhaps even allow friends in your convoy to park inside with you, so you can watch each other upgrade your cars.

This also should not entirely replace houses in the Horizon series, as I think still selling some would be nice to have because of the vibes or feels they give off, the warehouses would help to bring a more robust and street vibe to the horizon festival.

If you have any ideas to improve this, or ways to build off of this, share it in this thread!