Indianapolis gp

This track its not working fine,some people on the top 10 is cutting the track in to many corners,please fix this problem and erase the cheat times…

Any chance of a link to a replay/video of this?

deadmau5’s cat, just go for a rivals session at Indi. You’ll see that you can hugely cut a ton of corners without penalty.

+1 for noticing sir :wink:

Ah, yes. That is quite the problem. LBs will most likely be wiped completey very soon anyway due to that damned mini.

Heh, ya, that damned mini :wink: (look at D class LBs. I’m a little guilty :stuck_out_tongue: )

TBH I only recognized meowingtons cause I’ve watched most of Joel’s coffee run videos, not really into EDM. :slight_smile:

I’m starting to believe that Turn10 actually want people to cut the tracks. Maybe they’ve been playing a bit too much Horizon over at T10 studios. :wink:

You can see the replay of the numer one, in fact i download his car and made a clean lap you can see my replay on the leaderboard CLASS A ,the numer 1 time cut the wall and cut the corners without a dirty lap…

Lmao right through the tire wall…wtf

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