Incorrect Ferrari GTC4Lusso shift animation

The turn signal buttons on the steering wheel are pressed instead of the paddle shifters. in FH4 the animation is correct.


You wouldn’t believe the amount of cars in this game that need a gear shift/sound fix. It’s pathetic I tell ya.

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They seem to have corrected the manual stick transmission cars but yeah the paddle shifting cars need work especially when down shifting.

The animation for paddle shifting is too long. That’s the main problem. It needs to be shorter & snappier. Currently the driver extends his finger out before hitting the paddle which is just dumb. All they really need to do is have the driver put one or two fingers on the paddles at all times, then when the shift is needed, it’s a quick in out motion of the paddles & finger, then back to the two fingers resting on the paddle again. It’s not perfect, but F1 2018 does a good job of the shifting animation.