Including DLC car packs in Premium Edition

The title says most of it. If the premium edition is worth buying then we should be able to use said DLC packs release to the public without paying even more for it. We shouldn’t have to pay extra for DLC car packs when the premium edition is supposed to include said car packs.

Purchasing the Premium Edition, it’s clearly spelled out what you’re purchasing. If you purchased it, then you agreed to it. I have the premium edition and know it’s my choice to purchase over and above what was originally agreed to. I get that you’re saying what it “should be” though. :wink:


Wow, this seems to be a really controversial topic around here eh?

No, the Premium Edition doesn’t include these car packs. But in my opinion it should. For $100, I feel it’s a reasonable request to have all future DLC content as part of Premium. I am aware that is not what I paid for. It would just be nice to have. This is the Premium Edition, formerly known as the Ultimate Edition. It makes sense, with the “best” version of the game, to give people all of the DLC as part of that package. Just my .02 anyway.


hehehe… understatement ! And far from the only game to see it come up time and again.

Yeah. But then that leads to complaints of " But I was promised future DLC ! Where’s my future DLC ! Why is there no new DLC ! " often for an X year old game…

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I mean, that’s valid but they can spread them out across the game’s lifespan. Rally Adventure came out almost a year and a half after launch and it was included with Premium, so I don’t think some car packs would be an issue.

I’d say that’s valid even if they knew and planned to add said content at some later date. Not announcing it in case they couldn’t bring the rights together, or make the coding work, or the sky fell on the studio, or whatever. They set the original versions up with what was included and the price they were available for, and consumers could make the fully informed decision then. All this " But NOW I want… " just boggles me.

The only real gripe I have with the whole sales model is the shifty way they handle(d) the refund process in pre-order sales, making the 90 day (iirc) refund window starting from the date of “purchase” when the date of delivery was well outside the 90 day window. The only fair and proper way to have handled that would have been from date of delivery.

I wish they could have added them to the premium. I bought the game and then later bought the premium add one when it went on sale. I’m not spending more than $85 on a game.

If you’re fretting about video game prices, you have bigger issues to worry about. Like your poor financial decisions that put you in a position to worry about an extra $10 usd for an add-on. These companies are here to make money. It takes a good bit of money to bring these vehicles to these games. They should have every right to pass that cost on to us. $10 for me to experience even a lil bit of what it’s like to pilot these vehicles is more than worth it.

I’d like to add that the cost of games hasn’t increased nearly as much as it should have based on inflation. I remember paying 50 - 60 usd for Mario Bros 2 when it released. Now games are 70 and y’all are losing your minds. By all rights they should be double that.



Everything listed there has already been given to you

This has been the case with every Forza Game since (i believe) Motorsport 2

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Hey, I’m just happy at this point (so far for PC), it isn’t “pay to play”.
I paid an upfront one-time-only cost.
I play as much as I want, whenever I want and every month, I get new stuff added to the game that wasn’t there before… for free.
At least I don’t have to keep forking out a subscription fee every month like a lot of other titles.
This, to me, is a BARGAIN.

An occasional “extra” for a price is still fine by me. I mean, I can always say “No”. I mean, I usually say, “Shut up and take my money!” but still, I have the choice.


I’m sure all of my fellow premium edition owner colleagues here can agree on this one.

Please stop making Premium Edition owners pay extra for the premium edition of the game which DLC is included within, but then charge us for every DLC car pack after that.

I understand this is probably directed at Turn 10 studios from Microsoft executives higher up to do this, but it really just feels like Turn 10 is milking what they can with what is left in Horizon 5, potentially one of the reasons being that Forza Motorsport flopped and isn’t making the money they had hoped.

All players are different and also may disagree with me here, but personally i’ve stepped away from playing this game so much due to various reason, but one of them is due to having to constantly pay to play newer cars that are added in the game.

I feel as if these DLC Car Packs should be free for Premium Edition owners or if you’re going to charge us for a car pack, at least put some effort into adding extremely rare, cool, quirky and cars that make sense to be in a Forza Game such as an SSC Tuatara, Bugatti Veyron 16.4/Gran Vitesse/Bolide/Chiron Pur/SS, newer Koenigsegg’s, etc. These ultra rare and cool cars would seem like it’s actually worth it such as the Ferrari/Lamborghini Car Pack with like 6-7 cars, but with the financial cost to players for new Car Packs, i feel as if it could also be a deterrent for people to play the game and or purchase the car packs.

Please stop charging Premium Edition owners for newly added Car Pack DLC’s.

Rant over :laughing:

I’m interested to hear your thoughts if you think they should stop doing this as well!



You received everything the premium edition included.

Nobody is forcing you to buy the new car packs.

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the reason this is a “contriversal” topic is because for every(?) game in the past that had multiple tiers such as standard, premium, etc editions, the “top” version featured that model. Ultimate edition for horizon 3 and 4 that I bought before featured that very system where the top tier let owners have access to ALL content for the games lifespan.

forward to Horizon 5, the top tier pack is now called “premium” instead of ultimate, okay the lables get changed a lot in gaming nothing to worry about there, I buy it for about the same price I did for previous versions, I get all content availible day 1 and through to the expansions, but before the expansions there were littel to no car packs released. after the rally expansions and all that, they finally release the first car pack I go “wow thats a cool car, I didnt care for formula drift cars but I love how that Pagani looks”

Then, over 2 years after I made the purchase, I find out that no, this is not the same as previous versions, and the highest tier of game does not include all of the content. Moreover, the top edition included all content until the final expansion, and it was only after the final expansion they started regularly coming out with car packs every update. The 2019 Italdesign DaVinci Concept I believe was also originally listed to be in the Hot Wheels expansion but then suddenly dissappeared from it only for it to show up in the most expensive car pack.

This isnt illegal, its not false advertising and if you looked through and found the info before purchase you could find that this was the case, but a lot of people assumed, and I think to some extent people feel like the company knew this would be the case. The fact that those first 2 years of the game were pretty lacking in terms of new cars coming to the game also soured the taste for a lot of players, there were pleanty of vids complaining that all the updates were just giving us cars from old games and there were only a couple each month.

Could it be that they planned to keep the interesting cars for later in the games life so that they could attract players back with interesting free cars like the valkryie in hopes they would see the car packs and buy them? Maybe, game companies do that sort of thing in other genres. It could be that this whole thing was a Dark Pattern Design, not false advertising but a planned exploitation of user expectation or probable negligence (common Dark Pattern Designs can be seen something like long terms and conditions, people arent going to read them so you can put some worrying things in there and get people to agree to it in a legal sense, protecting the company from legal action).

Fh3 ultimate edition didn’t include the expansions, had to purchase separately.

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That depends. I bought the FH3 and FH4 Ultimate Editions in an bundle that included the expansions but not a couple car packs for FH3 (Hoonigan and the one with the Dart etc) and for FH4 Hot Wheels.

At launch iirc

Yeah, we obviously disagree on this topic and that fine. So yes - I think you’re wrong.

Right back at ya :slight_smile: