Impossible to play multiplayer


I’m a great fan of Forza, I play since the Forza 2.
Last week-end, I’ve finished FH3 100%. Such a satisfaction to get 1000G :smiley:

So, I wanted to finish FH2, or Forza 5 and the 6.
BUT, since few days (monday I think), it’s impossible for me to play multiplayer on this games. I’ve got errors messages on all these games and I think I’m the only one which can not play online

Can you help me please? GT : BenjiBurn
Many thanks

On occasion I get an error message when trying to connect to multiplayer. What usually works for me is to hard reset the console by holding down the power button until the console turns off. Then turn it back on and try again.

If the above doesn’t help you can try resetting your alternate MAC address. Go to Xbox dashboard. Select system settings, select network, select advanced settings, select alternate MAC address then select clear alternate MAC address. You will then get a message that’s says the system needs to restart.

Hope this helps.


Or just restart the router and modem.

Or check network settings to see if it says strict. If it does sometimes clicking the go offline button, wait a few seconds, and then click go online button will clear the issues and the settings will that say the NAT is open. I do this often and it works almost every time.

Hello !

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Some ISPs will change your IP address without notification. I don’t know if this causes issues connecting to Xbox Live but it might. It shouldn’t happen often but I’ve discovered issues that require a router reboot to correct. I’ve found that this is something that new routers handle better. I’d personally start at the modem or router (some have a hardware combination) and then work your way toward the Xbox.

I have an option on my router to reboot it on a schedule which I do at 4AM every morning. If you have a feature like this, it might be worth giving a try.

I can’t enter in the Nascar Leagues, anyone can help? I can race in all others Leagues, I need to race there once to get the achievment

U can’t join if there is no 1 in there to join.

From my experince the only way to join is if 2 people join at the same time. Wasn’t a prob when leagues were popular but now there dead its impossible to join.