Connection question

I can’t for the life of me connect to forza multiplayer. I have searched google and did everything stated with the firewall settings and even port forwarded a bunch of ports. I test my multiplayer connection in the xb1 settings and everything comes back OK. Can anyone please let me know if there is some kind of other fix? Thank you.

The problems and solutions thereto for Multiplayer in FM6 are legio and sometimes require very different steps/approaches. What help for some are a no go for others. Try the following :-

  1. Do a complete hard reset of your XB console as Snowowl prescribes here on the forum - full power off, power pack disconnected etc. and then start XB console again.
  2. Try connecting again. If it still does not work, just for a test - enter Multiplayer until you get to the first screen where you need to choose a lobby. Press “Y” to start a private lobby. This does not require matchmaking and therefore works for most players. If you are then placed in a lobby, it means you can connect to the servers, but unfortunately also means you have the same issue as many, many of us - that being the matchmaking part required for public Multiplayer lobbies. The problem can be Ping related or be due to many other issues.

If you cannot enter the first screen of Multiplayer, then you problem might be something else and require other solutions like your MAC address or many other options.

If you have done this, tell us what you have found. There are many around that went through this, some with success, some with none. It all depends on what the real issue is.

Best of luck.

Sometimes I have to manually sign my gamertag out and then sign it back in for everything to work properly. Log your tag out, do the hard resets and then fire it all back up and log it back in.

I have had this happen to me a few times back in sept. 2015. I started to quit game every time from the xbone dash board when I am finished playing. It has not happened since.

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Could just be the area or country you are in, I know there are some places which is just horrible for playing multiplayer, I feel bad for the South African players though, that rocket that blew up on the launch pad last week had a satellite in it to help with their internet.

Thanks. Idk what this gamer tag is, but its supposed to be kjraider88 lol. Microsoft assigned me this random thing when logging in at work. Thanks for the input I will try it when I get home!

Thanks for the help, will try it when I get home.

I have a friend from South Africa and he has to find a friends gamertag already playing then he can use “Join Game” from their tag to get in to the lobby they are in. Might try that too just to see if it works.