Import car to game?

Hi guys,

we build this for other game:

we based on Mini Cooper Sport 1.3i:

There is a way to import model to PC Forza 7?


if a car isn’t available to buy in game, then you can’t use it in the game. You can’t import cars from any other Forza game, only tunes and liveries (depending on what decals you used).

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Modding not possible as far as I’m aware.

No and any attempt to change or access the games assets could see you banned and your account revoked.

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Can I ask what game the too image is from?

I’l go out on a limb and say…Assetto Corsa?


Yes It’s Assetto Corsa.

So Turn10 why there is no Mini Cooper Sport 1.3i in game? Only old model from 60 years. It’s not enough.

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If there is a particular model of car/cars you would like to see in game please use the wishlists provided (see stickied wishlist thread)


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