If people quit the "Seasonal Playground Games"

They should be unable to complete it for the whole season. I’m getting so tired of doing these stupid things more than once because a car I want is locked behind it, and people keep quitting as soon as you lose a round.

Or better yet, in the next game don’t lock cars behind annoying modes that require other players to complete.

You know it’s participation only right? You get the reward even if your team loses.


You don’t have to win to get the prize car, just suffer through the ordeal.


You usually score more when people quit anyway.

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That’s true with The Trial, but not Playground Games. In Playground Games, the outnumbered team is at a significant disadvantage. But it doesn’t matter, since you only need to complete it, and not win.

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Why? you only need to do it once, it doesnt matter if you win or lose. Sometimes beginners forget that playground games weekly reward is given either you win or lose.
If people quit, let them. They are obviously newbies that think the reward is not given if they lose… if you are complaining about having to do it more than once… may i assume you are one of those “quitters”???

Because this makes no sense.

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How would you differentiate between people quitting and those that are disconnected (which continues to be a problem for a good number of players)?

I totally agree with the idea of not locking cars behind these activities.

Well, maybe give people one freeby.

As for everyone saying you don’t have to win, that’s not really the point. Its not fun at all to play a mode you have literally no chance in. All to get a car I should be able to just buy with credits.

Well, Max puts this into every season description since series 24.

That means, its been almost a year since its participation only …
Are you also quitting when you see someone leave, or you’re on loosing team, as you would notice getting a car, if you’d stick around to the end?

If talking about the trial, quitters are a very welcome thing - less weight to pull you down.


Personally I’ve never had a problem with locking, and I don’t really see that going away. Besides, people like rewards and if there wasn’t something sitting there waiting for them after getting all shattered and rattled from sufferring participating through ordeals such as modified versions of what is essentially the most basic of games, “Tag, You’re It,” “King of the Mountain,” and “Hide and Go Seek,” then we’d all be awash in rivers of tears for their perceived lack of compensation.

The Playlist games real problem is that it forces player fate and fortune to be tied to not only the skill of five other random players, but to the stability of their internet connection as well, neither of which are really acceptable in the current state and culture/sportsmanship of the game. This is in contrast to the regular games many players were already familiar with in Horizon 3, where playground gameplay was all-solo and player fate and fortune was dependent wholly on the players themselves. Whether feast or famine, you owned it. Not only was self-earned victory sweeter and more satisfying in solo games, but losing wouldn’t sting as bad (to those that get emotionally unbalanced by that sort of thing). In those losses, the takeaway lessons on improvement are all self-reliant and your poor performance only affects you/your score and not preventing five other people from getting whatever the weekly carrot is. And dare I say those underperforming players in H3 games rage-quit much less than what we generally see here in H4, recent connectivity issues notwithstanding.

Anyway, going forward I would suggest that if they’re going to continue with forced teams in games, whatever carrots/rewards should be limited to vanity items, such as drivatar apparrel (if that remains), emotes, quick chat phrases, etc. In other words, peripheral, non-consequential items having little to no bearing on gameplay so that if any common Horizon player finds the reward or event undesirable, they can easily walk away from it altogether without any fits of rage, tears, etc. Here, players won’t be goaded into participation in something they’d just rather not do (and “play” or behave in such manners that potentially ruin other people’s gaming experience), and players that are interested in the peripheral reward and/or the event itself can continue to enjoy it with the potential for better experiences with more like-minded and or tempered players.

At any rate, this is a relatively small problem with a number solutions that appear easy to address.


The prize this week is a 2005 NSX, which you can buy for less than 100,000 credits in the Auction House or participate in PG and acquire for free.


Ironically I had the choice of two cars to use in this weeks Playground Games and one of them was the prize car, the 2005 NSX !

Got a nice five-figure sum in credits back once I sold the duplicate car at auction. Win/win !

I no longer bother with Season Events. I’d rather just buy the prize car instead of wasting time getting Rheumatoid Arthritis in my thumbs, raised blood-pressure and utter face-palm-demoralisation trying to beat H/S drivatars.

like 100% of every single old player. But unlike you, i dont even bother to sell the duplicate, lol, i delete it. Money is completely useless at this point anyways. But you will realize about that soon enough lol.

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Incidentally, whoever came up with the idea of off road races in “muscle cars” I hope you stub your toe for the next 5 years every single day.

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Quitters are why I don’t play the weekly PGG anymore after I got the 100% festival playlist completed achievement.

If I want any of the PGG cars up for grabs, I’d rather just get them from the auction house and save myself the trouble.