If i already have forza Horizon 4 on my Xbox, can i download it for free on PC?

If i already have forza Horizon 4 on my Xbox, can i download it for free on PC?

If you bought a digital copy from the xbox store, then yes.

If you bought a physical copy, then no.


REALLY??? so if you have a xbox version, and you want the pc version you have it for free??? thats the first time i heard something like that lmao.

Also, the pc steam version needs to be bought yes or yes, it doesnt matter if you have the console version. What makes the MS pc version different? lol.

It’s a play anywhere title, If you buy it from the microsoft store you can play on pc and/or xbox.

The Forza Horizon 4 version from the Microsoft STore is a “Play Anywhere” title…once purchased you can install it on both Xbox and PC with no further expense (I have it installed on my Xbox and PC). The STeam version is different and requires being purchased again

To the OP: As long as the version you purchased is a “Play Anywhere” title (just check the MS STore on Console to check), then you can download it on PC for free from the MS Store

Technically, if you have Xbox Live you can get both PC and console versions for free from the Ms store. Steam has its own store and does not require Xbox live at all, which is why it’s not free on Steam.
I can have both Xbox and PC versions, but it don’t make no sense to do so imo, unless I wanted to switch from console to PC, in which case I wouldn’t want to purchase the game again, so I like the option to move my console account to PC if I wanted to. I just don’t play it so much I need to carry around a laptop everywhere just to access the game lol.

this isnt true at all
if you have Game Pass it fits what you are saying
Xbox live is what the game is played on and Steam also uses Xbox live to play multiplayer

to the OP
the disc version is xbox only
only the digital version is play anywhere