If having trouble installing Forza Horizon 4 on PC Ultimate Edition

If the game shows in your library, but you are unable to install the game and see that the game errors, try this.

ERROR (Code: 0x803FB107), (Code: 0x80073D12)

BE CAREFUL. For whatever reason, you may have to download the regular version of the game and then the add-ons

I was getting an error in Microsoft windows download section stating, " cannot install because game title hasn’t installed. in short, it was trying to install the add-ons and dlc BEFORE the game. This would stop the game from installing all together.

What I did to rectify the issue and it worked.

Opening Microsoft store from Xbox app > Click the 3 horizontal (…) next to your profile icon > Choose Downloads and Updates > Click “Ready to Install” on left side of screen under (My Library) > Locate the FORZA HORIZON 4 GAME and click install.

Hope this helps fellow gamers who are having troubles installing on PC.


Hi there

Just signed in to say thank you.

You saved me from a panic situation where I had just spent £80 on Ultimate and could not install it. Looking at all the support threads out there with all the registry edits and so on I was not happy.

Followed your tip and its now installing!