Identify Car's Country of Origin By Car, Not Brand

This issue has been brought up before in different Forza games, but as the title suggests, in the store front, garage or race set ups, don’t have all cars of the same brand under the same country of origin when not all cars from the same brand were made by or for the same country. An Australian Ford Falcon & British Escort RS1800 should be able to race alongside other Aussie & British cars. This would be a huge Quality of Life improvement for people who like to use country of origin filters for scrolling through the storefront or for setting up races.

This doesn’t fix the problem that some brands are from a certain country, but some of their models are made for another country.
This is a great example:

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This would solve everything, nothing to add.

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Tried to make a classic American race the other day & 1/5 of the field were British Ford Escorts…sigh.

Another way this could be done would be by separating the manufacturers themselves so that there’d be Ford (U.K.) & Ford (A.U.) manufacturers.

I have a feeling that the reason they haven’t fixed this error is simply because something in the game’s code requires all brands to be under the same country of origin, so this would be a workaround that would get the job done.

British Ford is as much the same as American Ford as Chevrolet is to Holden or Vauxhall/Opel.


I’ve noticed an interesting thing today, when playing the new Open Tour. It’s supposed to feature only British cars but T10 included also European Ford models, like Focus, Sierra, and Puma, in it (in C class).

One could argue whether these models are more German or more British, but the point is that T10 is making a more flexible approach when designing events and is not limited by countries specified for entire brands (the same goes for divisions but it was obvious from the beginning). I like that :+1:

Now, if only we could use equally precise tools when setting races in Free Play mode… :wink:


Seriously! It clearly shows they are aware that those cars are not USDM. I’m sure it has to do with some hard wired programming that only allows one country of origin per brand, but it’s been a problem forever. They cant just ignore it forever.