Ice Breaker not triggering

So when you pin the Ice Breaker and see the steps required to unlock things, the first one says “enter the ice rink in the stadium”. I am in middle of the ice rink and the checkmark isn’t triggering. I have jumped and gotten my air skills more than enough times and it’s not registering. Anyone else having this issue?

i just figured it out. You have to go out of the rink after pinning it to get it to register. It will not trigger without it.

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As it is stated in the description of the accolade: Enter the ice rink…

I did enter the ice rink and was doing jumps to get it to trigger. Turns out it doesn’t trigger if you don’t pin the task. I pinned it when I was in the rink and thought it would work. Nope. Had to exit out of stadium and head back in with it pinned to trigger.

Where is this Ice Rink? I can’t find it anywhere.

I’m sure the stadium is now the ice rink.