Completing Accolades

Will the Ice rink be returning so we can complete the accolade for skill points in the Peel, I only unlocked the peel last wednesday: when i tried to do it on Thurday after the new season started the stadium was all grass.

Reload the game, the ice rink is still there. It turns into grass if you do Arcade event near/at it but full restart should return it to normal.

I cannot confirm this.
I restarted the game several times and the stadium always has grass.

Which is a bummer, because I also missed out on the Peel accolade.

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The Ice Rink is still there? Really? Wow…I did not know that…it’s been missing from my game since last Thursday with the new Series starting and both my game and console get full shutdowns twice a day

You’re likely stuck until next holiday season, as the ice probably won’t return now, or throughout summer…etc.

As for accolades, I found you need to pay attention to certain ones, as they are season/time specific and can’t be completed before or after a certain point.

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Some accolades can e.g. also be made only in rainy season, dry season, etc. Or have you ever seen snow or ice in summer? :slight_smile:
Next week is winter, I think then it will appear again