Peelievable accolade not working

Finally got the peel trident. Went to the ice rink and got 5000 skill points within 2 minutes but accolade won’t trigger. Anyone else having same issue?

If you break a skill chain you need to exit and come back in to the ice rink.

Pin the accolade as it shows you if it will work or not.

Tried that. It doesn’t register any points and I’ve got over 5000 points in one chain. Has it worked for you?

Yes. Second entry to the rink. I banked 5k and it worked.

No probs with accolade … however the Series 2 2002 575M for me!!!

Best with that accolade is to pin it as you have to re-enter the ice rink in the rare case you did’t get enough points at the first try.

It is working fine for me. I did this today and got 50 points

Worked for me fine but with the bizarre addition of including the ‘earn 100k skill score in the Escort’ objective from the weekly Forzathon when I pinned it just beforehand.

it worked first time just perfect!

i was actually amazed by it!

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Apparently, you can build skill points outside the rink then drive in and collect the accolade. That was easy!

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thanks for that, worked for me!

I’m trying to do the accolade peelieve in yourself in evolving worlds, but it seems to be broken.
I put a pin on the accolade, then return to the open world and on the side of the screen where you would normally see a list of what you need to do to get the accolade I get the wrong list.
The list I get is as follows
1 Drive a peel, this has a tick in the box
2 Your 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth isn’t a new kid on the block, but it’s perfect to bank a total 100,000 skill score!
3 Earn 5 e-drift or drift skills
4 complete in 2 mins

I didn’t need to re-enter. I spent a good 5 to 7 mins just mucking around inside the rink and eventually it popped. I didn’t have it pinned.