I Want A Horizon 3 Style Game In Horizon 4 (NOT A WISHLIST)

First off, this is NOT A WISHLIST, more of a compare and contrast.

Today, just for kicks and giggles, I went back onto FH3.

When I went back on there, I hooked up with a couple of guys and started drag racing. That later turned into some (bad) drifting, and then a game of cops vs. civs. After that, we went on a cruise, then get off. We all had a great time.

See, that is the thing, I can NEVER do this on FH4.

Now before I get a bunch a hateful comments and death threats, let me explain:

Section 1: Drag Racing**
Now, If you had done any quarter-mile drag racing back in FH3, then you know the train tracks angels’s hums choruses. The train tracks were pretty much the most important quarter-mile spot in the game besides the Yarra Valley Festival, where I quickly built new cars to run. The train tracks were the central hub, and everyone gathered there. You could always find racers there, and new competition. Plus, there were always posts in Xbox Live. I loved this.
Now, with FH4, it is a different story. Sure, you get a lot of people drag racing at the Festival, but there is no true quarter-mile drag spot. I’ve seen lots of places tried, like the highway, but no true hub. Plus, no nearby homes to work on cars quickly. Along with Xbox Live posts, which I rarely see. And then, it is at the Festival.
Also, I feel the worst decision Forza did for FH4 drag racing was add drag tires. Sure, the make it more “realistic”, but I liked it back in FH3 where every car ran Race Tires, so we could all exchange the same tuning tips.
Section 2: Cops vs. Civs**
Now, I’m not a seven-year-old-wall-rider, but I do enjoy a good game of cops and civs. If you have never played this in any FH:
There are usually 10 players, 6 civs 4 cops (or 7 3). The civs and cops drive around. The cops pulls the civs over if they do something illegal. The cop gives out tickets to the civ. If the civ gets 3 tickets, he is now a cop. The civ can run on the 3rd ticket. A cop that hits him 3 times now switches roles with that person.
Well back in FH3 we played it in 3 locations: Byron, Surfers, and that little town in the Outback. Everyone knew the roles, and it was fun to play.
Now in FH4, moms and dads bought there whiney little 8 year olds FH4, so know they play cops and civs with us. V12 Swapped Mustangs, blaring through the streets, not pulling over, smashing through things. It is a mess.
Section 3: Map**
Back in FH3 when I would drive around, I usually had a general idea where I was. Sure, the minimal helped, but be used that, I was good. The landscape had different looks to it, and the roads were easy to remember.
Now in FH4, I get lost soooooooooooooooo often. I’m constantly checking the big map, trying to figure out where I am. Sure, the map look beautiful, but the same section that I somehow keep finding myself in.
Well, here is my thought on this subject. Again, not a wishlist.
Sorry if I sound like a whiney baby, but that’s the way it is.

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Here’s the definition of wishlist, as defined by Collins Dictionary:

You can put a disclaimer or say it’s not a wishlist, but all you need to do is read the title, and you therefore have a wishlist. Even if you don’t state anything that you want in your post, it will lead to people making suggestions on what they want for the game… therefore wishlist.

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Er …if FH3 was perfect for everything you describe … why don’t you just play FH3?



Sounds like a good inspiration. Still can’t imagine how cops work :smiley:

No 60 FPS for me. I would love FH3 more but I can’t with a slideshow.

Still a wishlist lol
No matter how many times you say it isnt__


First off, wish list.

Please post your suggestions/wishes/requests/demands/needs/etc. in the appropriate stickied wish list threads at the top of the forum.

Thank you.

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