I think i might be done

Well I’ve been a loyal fm fan since fm1 and after seeing e3 and reading some confirmations on the forum, I don’t think I’ll be getting fm6. At least until some unlucky souls post about the game first. I just feel like turn10 or Microsoft or both has turned the franchise into a money making tool and not a game that’s truely for racing fans and car enthusiasts. It seems every installment that’s released there are fewer of my favorite tracks and fewer of my favorite cars and with no hope of them returning. I don’t believe that all the wishes and requests are being payed attention to or fulfilled by the producers. I saw an interview with Dan Greenwald and he sounded like a politician dancing around the forbidden truth that fm6 simply will not be what the fans are asking for. Maybe I’m wrong because it’s yet to be seen but from what I’ve seen so far things don’t look promising. I hope someone of importance reads this and replies with good news but, who am I to ask such a thing.

I’m only one of the oldest loyal fans.

Forza Motorsports R.I.P.

Let us know when you’re sure you’re done.


10/10 return


Itll be almost impossible to return if his account is closed due to pointless posts that do little except scream look at me, pay me attention.


Yeah I’m not sure if this is aimed at me or not.

10/10 much leave, IGN

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I will. Hopefully that won’t happen though. I have a lot of time and effort and money invested. It would be a real shame to just give up on it

After reading everything about FM6, I’m quite excited about it. A lot of the community wishlist items are in the game.

What exactly has you so disappointed?

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To be fair you haven’t tried the game yet so you can’t make most of your assumptions. Also this game to me looks like the best for a while, it’s not their fault a lot of the time, they are limited by xbox ones power.

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Well yeah, we all cannot be pleased with tracks or cars, all of us have had one or the other be replaced. Seems like an opportunity to get to know some new cars or tracks :slight_smile:

What is it about racing that turns you off so much? At the very core, you will be able to ‘get’ in a car, get into a lobby, and race with up to 23 other players.

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Totally agree, what is wrong with the racing? It looks fine to me. And yeah we have all lost favorite tracks abs cars. I lost my two favorite cars the BMW V12 LMR and the BMW Z3 M and I lost sunset peninsula and maple valley but the way I think of it is that we got the new DTM M3 race car and the P1 and Yas Maria abs long Beach. Times need to look forward and Turn 10 are trying their best. They are not trying to spite anyone but are trying to make everyone happy.

I have been playing the franchise since day 1. Literally.

This Forza title has me more excited than I was when Forza 4 was in the pipeline.

To say that this game has no community requested items is foolish to say. This game seems to have been built using exclusively community requests.


They added 4 tracks to already lacking track list of fm5. They probably haven’t updated the available cosmetic upgrades. Fm5 had some cool paints and awesome swap options but we have had the same wheels and body kits since fm1. Part of my problem is probably I’m a huge drift fan so I’m kinda biased towards that stuff but it doesn’t seem difficult to add things to the game. Adding something as simple as more tire smoke, different wheels, different body kits shouldn’t be that hard. And why would you take tracks away. Fm4 nailed it in my opinion and fm5 just isn’t the same.

Ex: rd Atlanta. They took out the horse shoe on the drift section of the track. If they new the history of the course they would also know that the only reason that’s even there in the first place was strictly for formula drift when it debut in the early 2000’s. Its still there but it’s a no drive section. Explain that one turn 10. And the car selection just keeps getting worse. They take away the cheap fun cars that normal people can actually afford. That was the coolest thing about forza. I could actually build cars that I or my friends have actually had in reality, but that’s gone now.

Another… Why’s is tsukuba, Suzuka, and the mountains gone. That’s dumb. I just can’t understand why they would take away from fm4. Adding different swaps and long beach doesn’t cover what they took away after fm4.

I agree on this point. Losing some of the daily drivers really burns for me as those are the ones I love to tune and try to compete with.

With the other stuff, I can understand where you are coming from, perhaps you are looking for a particular kind of game focusing on a certain niche car culture.

I love the racing and physics of the game. The game looks amazing but…
Why take away from other games.
That makes no since.
Make no mistake. I love the franchise I’m just not as excited anymore.

Leaving should give you time to brush up on your grammar skills. :wink:


I guess since you have no real opinion you have to have something to post about

Nothing was taken away, stuff simply wasn’t created in time, or created differently.

XBoxOne isn’t 360 and it was virtually a clean slate, or so was stated. I have a few doubts on some modeling as errors have made it across platforms consistently in a few places.

But things change, hopefully the NEW platform will continue to build as the 360 one did in the past.

I hope your right

Yes you, why would you need a thread opened to threaten leaving ? If your trying to make a legitimate point theres already lots of current threads where it would be permissable to post your “feedback”? Instead due to your inflated ego you feel you require, more than anyone else, the ability to start your own thread because your special or as you like to put it “only one of the oldest loyal fans” yet with a forza total lower than people who havent been able to play for the last two years.

Well thanks for the invaluable feedback but maybe in future (if you decide to continue to bless us with your presence) you could post in the same threads as everyone else.