I really wish Forza 6 was ported to the PC now.

I’ve been playing Forza since the beginning. I wasn’t a fan of mod cards when they first appeared in the Forza Motorsport series. However, I feel like every game has had major improvements over the previous ones. For example, Forza to FM2 was huge. Great graphics, new cars. FM2 to FM3, In-car view, and more tracks. FM3 to FM4, the handling was improved greatly. FM5 had better graphics. FM6 was Forza’s truly next generation experience. The Horizon games were great too, especially with Forzathon improving the online community. Forza 7 has many great improvements too, also being the first Forza sim on PC with EXCELLENT WHEEL SUPPORT! :D. However, these lootboxes that have cars in them, and how expensive the cars are now in the game make the game feel burden-some.

Let me tell you all a story of a high school experiment. We had to do science fair project, and I have a twin brother. So it was a great way to test control. My friends and I had strapped heart rate monitors to our arms and started to play Halo 2 over Xbox Live. We had a doctor present, but over-all my twin and I were in perfect health. While we were playing Halo, our heart rates jumped to 190 BPM. The doctor ordered us to stop playing. Our friends had similar heart rates during the same scenarios, but they were not as high as ours. This project was a life changing event. We had to change the way we play games.

So I moved over to Forza. It wasn’t a violent game, and it is not particularly stressful. Doing the same test with the heart rate monitors, I barley reach over 80 BPM while playing the game.
You could say that Forza has changed my life.

However, it looks like this has all changed with Forza 7. I can’t time trial with cars I want to customize myself without having to stress myself out grinding for credits through the game. I am not made of money, I am not just going to purchase tokens either. I bought the VIP edition just to make it easier to obtain the cars I want to drive. I play on the higher difficulties for the bigger rewards.
I own an Xbox One Forza 6 edition just for the Forza franchise. The game means a lot to me. Now, it is only a shadow of its former glory. Shiny cars and flashy graphics cannot compensate for terrible game mechanics. One thing is for sure, I will not be buying another Forza game. I might be refunding this one at the end of the week as well. The Forza franchise is the only game franchise I purchase at launch. The last time I bought a game new, was when Forza Horizon 3 launched.

Once your biggest fan,

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