I Need Advice On Roll Cages For A Class

So I play A class tag and I tend to tune my own cars. However what I’ve recently remembered is that barely anyone building an A class for proper racing uses the Roll Cage or at least not the full roll cage.
After a brief search this is what I’ve found out so far.

  • Car dependant
  • Class dependant
  • Track dependant

So basically, it’s vague as hell.

Seeing as I’m tuning for tag, i’m never really going up or downhill, it’s on an air-field so it’s always flat. So for absolutely flat tracks, should I run roll cages or consider running them?
The car i’m tuning is an A class, RWD Nissan R34 with Aero if that gives any indication as to whether I should run roll cages or not.

I’m just very confused and really know nothing of the subject other than I’ve barely seen anyone run them on race oriented tunes.

Cheers in advance.

For my builds the short answer, NO…unless you need more grip (stability - track dependent) and/or it provides more accel. So, per your description of your need, I would not use it.


Try it with and try it without. If one feels better than the other, do that then. If they feel the same, drop the cage for weight reasons.

The cage helps cars it different ways such as:

  1. If you run no aero, the cage helps a lot. If you run aero the cage may or may not help and may bog down the car on acceleration

  2. The cage helps re-center a car. So if all the weight is at the front (hatchbacks usually) the cage may move weight bias to the rear which helps with removing understeer.

  3. The cage helps with stability. You may have this issue with a rwd swapped car. A rwd swap almost always results in a twitchy car. The cage may help lessen that tendency. It also helps keep super lightweight cars from popping wheels in the air after using a curb. In addition it helps with high horsepower low grip cars in keeping traction and handling.

  4. Cage may help with mid corner grip. Lesser suspensions have tendency to lose responsiveness in a corner and many times this cant be tuned out. A cage sometimes gives you instant grip.

In other words it varies. So a rule of thumb is to try it with and try it without.


Thank you very much for the responses. Having tested both with and without on my R34. I have settled on no roll cage!

Once again, thank you for your insight.