i may not have gotten everything from VIP DLC

It was all in 3 vip crates as mod cards ok thats fine. However i did not get the million credits. Can it take a while to get everything? wiki said the million credits is from message center.

It may just depend on when you picked up the DLC - they changed it at some point recently - so the Wiki you’ve read may not be up to date. If you picked it up recently - did you read the description in the store?

There was a cutoff date because they introduced the VIP back to normal not just a handful of cards. The 1 mil CR was for those previously affected so if you qualify and it is available to you a message will appear and you just click the download button to add to your CR. I got mine fairly quickly after they announced it.

*Although by you mentioning the VIP mod cards indicates you might qualify since they probably would have removed them when they updated.

Shows your first achievement on December 15th I believe the cutoff for the 4 cars/1 million credits was the 1st, so 15 days late.

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yep so they nerfed the VIP dlc on 12/1 jee thanks for nothin turn 10. Its not worth 19.99 anymore im upset

Nothing got nerfed
You get exactly what vip has got on previous games
That 1 million was compo for how it was changed at release and then it was changed back so you didn’t miss out on nothing
So nothing to be upset about really

Actually you are better off than people who got VIP day one. You will earn double credits on all your races while we only got 5 cars and 1 million in compensation for all the races we had already done before they changed the VIP system.


True!! I only had one race left in the entire career when the VIP was fixed and by the time I had purchased the Renault F1 and the other cars to compete I am lucky if earned 20 CR I performed so badly. With VIP I would have at least made it 40 CR

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Are we supposed to get monthly vip gift cars? I haven’t received any yet.

There are no monthly VIP gifts. The only VIP cars you get are the 5 cars you receive when you first purchase VIP membership.


Thanks man.