[ANSWERED] No VIP credits or Cars

So they said VIP would get 5 Forza edition cars and 1 million credits? But I haven’t got them? Has this happened to other people?

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Yup, nothing

have you opened the VIP crate you received at the start of the game

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Seems I’m not alone, haven’t received either of one of the cars or credits yet. Steadily playing the game but I think people should get what they paid for.


Are you new to the game, if so go to messages thengo to gifts and it should be in there.

Yep, me too. I fully agree with you

Same here. Have you received them yet?

I bought the VIP and only got the standard items, cars, gear, and mods. I have not seen the extra 1 million credits or additional 4 cars yet. My brother plays on xbox, so I’m not sure if that’s the deal since I play on a pc. But he got the extra credits and cars almost immediately.

I’m on PC as well, you may be on to something

I don’t know if this is the problem you are referring to, but this is my issue:

A couple of days ago, Forza gave out a few free Forza edition cars. You were able to download the content in the message centre, at the Gifts tab.
When I press A to download one of the cars, nothing happens, and the car doesn’t appear in my garage. I am able to download credits just fine though…
Restarting the game doesn’t help.
Is that your problem as well?



Nope haven’t even gotten anything in gift tab at all yet, here it is 3 days later and still nothing, not even so much as a courtesy reply, a death threat or a bomb in the mail from Turn 10, and after seeing so many unanswered posts here I’m starting to doubt there’s any “support” at all…

Me too, and i’m on XBox One

Hello everyone,

Could you please email forzafb@microsoft.com with this issue. We will be able to take care of you there and request any further info if needed.

Thank you,

Sent a second e-mail, hopefully this squeaky wheel was enough to get some oil this time lol

The emails are being answered in the order they were received. No need to email multiple times. This only fills the inbox with duplicate issues.

Thank you

Gotcha! duly noted and thanks for the quick reply

I pre-ordered Ultimate Edition (digital) Forza 7 for XBOX ONE. I received Turn 10 News Message Thanking me for VIP and letting me know I received five Forza Edition Cars (dated 10/21/2017). As of today (10/24/2017) I still have not received the 1,000,000 credits or additional three Forza Edition cars. What to I have to do to get the four gift messages that contain the downloads for these items? Please help. I am tired of quitting and restarting my game with hopes that the gift messages will pop up.

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i am having the same problem

your best bet would be to email forzafb@microsoft.com with your gamertag to see if they can help. Be warned though, that due to the many issues with the game, support are taking 2 to 3 days to answer emails, as they answer them in the order they’re received.

Nothing there in Gifts… :frowning: