I just was regifted all of my tier level and VIP cars and now have two of each

I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t fired up the game in a few days. I fired it up tonight to get my Reward Credits that are handed out weekly. And the game immediately upon login gifted me all of my tier level cars and VIP cars as if I had never played the game. Now when I check my cars in the garage I have two of each of those vehicles. Has anyone else experienced this?

Too bad I can’t sell them for cash!

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I got a Message Center alert which re-gifted me the latest VIP Fiesta ST, but I looked in Find Cars for a bunch of Free ones but I was out of luck - would have been nice to have some duplicates to test different tunes on.

Might be due to the xbox core services being down last night…

that’s what happened to me last night, was running some career races offline because XBL was down then when it came back up, my tier 8 (platinum) badge unlocked and all the loyalty rewards were re-gifted. Not complaining, just don’t want turn 10 to think I tried to hack the game.

why can’t you sell them? they should be worth half their retail value.

They have no value due to being gifted you can only remove them from your garage

I’m guessing the game sees them as gifted reward cars and does not even verify that you have the other ones. that’s the reason that they were able to be duplicated. If you win one in a spin you can sell it back but that’s because the game checks to see if you’re already have it. in this case it assume this was the first time I was being gifted my reward vehicles.

I’m fairly certainly won’t get banned for any kind of thing. And I’m sure this happened to quite a few people . It will just be ignored would be most likely thing to happen

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This also happened to me. I started the game and got a bunch of cars and $7+ Million gifted to me again automatically.

I haven’t played 6 yet but I’ve ended up with duplicate cars in horizon 2.

Happened to me as well. I started the game got all the cars again and $15.1 million as well.

OMG you got the cash as well. I did not even look at that. I’m out of town until Monday. Here’s hoping when I get back I’ve got an extra 15 million as well. That would be totally awesome. There are a bunch of cars I want to buy and I blew through that first 15 million like a nine year old in a candy store. Very expensive candy store lol

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I’m not going to complain about it.




I hope i get home and find these kind of present in mine as well that would be awesome.

if you apply a tune to a car without saving it you can think of the dub as an extra tune slot. until you run out of car save slots anyway. racerboy77 was out of tune slots after about a week.

Let’s hope T10 doesn’t grab everything back…

I don’t think there’s any viable way for them to actually get into your garage and remove vehicles.

I’m quite curious as to how the game glitch that way in the first place sounds like a server issue something may have gotten reset

Looks like they discovered the issue as a lot of my friends got nothing…

Lucky for some of you guys, I wouldn’t have minded getting that rewards money again. On my secondary account I didn’t even get the Ford GT, even though I’ve played the demo on that account and got the message in game that I can find it in the message center.