Remove duplicate gifted and cars from my FM garage

I need the ability to remove gifted cars from my garage. Until the latest update I could just sell them, but that’s no longer possible. I don’t care about the credits, but I do care about a neat garage that doesn’t include random rat droppings. Just plonking cars in my garage that I don’t want and then can’t remove is extremely disrespectful.

That 2020 Audi R8 that was recently sent to players can’t be removed from the garage in update 3. I downloaded the gifted car assuming I could sell it, or at least remove it. There was no warning whatsoever that I would be unable to get rid of this car when I downloaded it.

I absolutely dislike duplicate cars, please allow us to remove it. Thank you.

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Personally I don’t mind about duplicates (or R8). In fact I like to keep multiple examples of some models to tune them to different classes and keep some cars stock.

That said, the inability to remove some other cars (or any car in general) from the garage doesn’t make any sense to me. It prevents me from keeping the garage uncluttered. If the car can’t be sold then I would just like to remove it.

& the Option To sell Gifted Cars Please T10 & Welcome to the forza motorsport & horizon Community!

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Yes please, it would be good to have an option to delete unwanted cars.

If some of those cars are rare, put up a warning dialogue where the user has to confirm.


Yeah I know some people enjoy having duplicate cars for different tunes, I prefer to just have 1 copy per car.

But indeed, players should be free to choose if they want to delete a car or not.


I downloaded the gifted Audi R8 after installing Update 3 so I now have 2 Audi R8’s which are gifted or reward cars. It really annoys me I have 2 in my garage and I can’t get rid of one.

How can I fix this? Can I contact customer support to assist me? Or will it be fixed in a future update?

u cant sell/delete seasonal/gifted cars, just put it on shame list and forget.
BTW u can always tune one to x class [idk why u would] and other to A class [dont know why u would]

BTW this is made this way so that people that remove seasonal/gifted car from garage by accident, dont spam tickets with request to restore missing car XD

I think cars you have once owned should be available to buy again if needed.

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I mean, this is easy man. Just give us the option to hide it or allow us to sell all of them except for the last one. Not allowing us to sell any of them but gifting 2 is just another one of those weird design decisions.


Today we received the #6 Acura NSX as a gift. Which was a reward car previously.

I would like to sel or remove the duplicate car from my garage.


Gifted cars cannot be renewed or sold, so can you include a way to remove duplicate cars?

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I got the Alfa from career Mode, which I don’t want in my garage. Please give us the option to remove cars from the garage.

Just make it possible to sell or delete any car(s) in your garage. Solved.

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I cant find how to make a suggestion without it being a reply. That being said my suggestion is if you’re going to gift a duplicate car is to at least give the player ability to remove duplicate from garage if selling it is not even a option. Please fix this issue or gift the player a car that is not already common enough that the player most likely has it already in there garage. This suggestion should be considered as it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

For example i’ve received a car as a gift from Turn10 and it turns out i already have it in my garage. Can’t be removed, can’t be sold. I would gladly take the cash equivalent for that vehicle but i don’t have that option. Maybe i shouldn’t have taken it. I’ll keep that in mind next time. But why have this restriction at all? I just dont get it.

You might also think what’s one or two more cars in the garage, just keep them. But the thing is maybe i don’t want to have a garage stuffed with vehicles i dont care about + the fact that we don’t have an option to filter them into “favorites” just makes this worse.

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When a car is offered on FH5 or FM and the player already had the car, it is impossible to delete one or the other, they are considered unsaleable, it’s annoying, it creates duplicates.
What is the point of offering a car and preventing its resale or deletion?
How would that risk breaking the balance of the game?

I think the player would benefit greatly from having the ability to sell rewarded cars, such as the 2020 Audi R8 V10 performance. I now have two of the cars, due to earning one, and being gifted the other from the Turn10 team.

I would like to sell, or simply remove one of them. But I cannot. Thus, I am stuck with two cars when I only need one.

The player should have the ability to sell their reward cars so long as they have at least one of the car left. This way, there is no way to remove the original reward car, and the player can dispose of duplicates.

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I received a 2020 Acura #6 ARX-05 DPi as a gift following the recent changes in body kits. I appreciate the gift, but I received the same car as an unrelated gift several months ago. I can’t sell either car because they’re both gifts. How can I receive an alternate car for one of my duplicate gift cars or sell one?