I just got 250,000 credits...

I got a gift of 250,000 credits from Forza Motorsports! Made me very happy, as it was enough to buy another car [I own every non-DLC at 1,000,000 credits or less now]

I am NOT complaining, but I’m wondering why!

It was not the monthly reward, as I got that on the first, and the only thing I have done lately that is notable is maxing out Ford loyalty, putting me up to three manufactures at level 25 [more to come VERY soon]

Does anybody have any guesses as to why I got this so I can do it again? :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can do it again, because I have the feeling you raised your tier. So, all the credits you haven’t gotten after claiming your rewards last time, when you were on Tier 2, will be earned as you passed to Tier 3.

I am about 100 points from going up a tier, I do not think that is the cause…

Me too, not anything to do with teir, as I’m halfway between 6 & 7.
The answer is probably on this site somewhere, but anyways…
Thanks T10!