Rewards page thrown a fit?

Went to the rewards page this morning, it said i was top tier and as such would get 1.5 million credits for Forza 5 as well as credits and cars for Horizon and Forza 4.
However, when i clicked on redeem, it said i had been gifted 8,760,000 credits for FM5. That seems just a tad wrong to me! lol.
Anyone else had this? Does a mod want to pass this on to whoever is responsible/cares?

That sounds like the total since day one.

Yeah pretty sure this guys right, I’m currently at a total of 16.5mil in rewards for fm5, still waiting for the 1.5 to be gifted to me though.

That’s what i thought, but that was how much it said it would show up in game. lol
I’ll find out later when it drops i imagine. I’m not sure i was top tier either, had few hundred points to go last time i checked. Maybe the whole things had a senior moment this morning? lol

mine did the opposite , claimed reward yesterday , should of been 1.5 million an dnothing came through