HWYRenegade's garage. New: McLaren F1

My goal is to create realistic race and rally cars. I’ve been painting since H2. Since these can take quite a bit of time I only paint ones which I actually drive.

What you see in this thread will only be a small sample of all my designs. To see them all visit my Flickr


812 Superfast

812 Superfast by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Nice job on this Ferrari here, hope you stick around to post more, your logo work is really crisp and clean!

Pretty happy with the way this one turned out.

Jaguar C-X75 - in multiple colors and redid slightly my 911 GT3RS for rally driving.

Additional shots on Flickr

Really liking that one, nice job

White for winter

Some more very nice shots and clean logo work. Good job here.

Really good looking designs, probably the better ones for the Jag ive seen so far!
Keep going!


Thanks! I really do enjoy designing and driving them.

So I ended up redoing the Superfast in some detail. The design on it was difficult to concept and I wanted something unique. For now I’m happy with it.

And I felt like redoing my LaFerrari for H4.

I made a really cool color, I call it Charcoal Blue Semi-Gloss. Its like a dark matte in most lighting but shines other times. Although it requires not using any masking, I think im going to try more of these types of colors.

Blue version is any logo goes. The red version is more official Ferrari sponsors.

more shots on Flickr

and a couple vids to better show the full view including the tops of each car.

Part 1

Part 2

Diggin’ the Hublot Ferrari and the videos offer a really nice look at your catalog at large. Great job!

I’ve spent the last few days creating a ton of logos, over 25… Including Ray Ban… that one gets a special mention. They’re more accurate than most since I’m a graphic designer im pretty particular. You can see some of them on my latest car. The Ferrari 488 GTB.

File: Missiongtb

I invite anyone to check my creative hub HWYRenegade for lots of cool stuff. Dont forget to download my GTB tune, it is not a driveable car without.

Now that I’ve taken the time of making my most used logos Ill be updating some of my cars and put them up for download. Stay tuned!


So much quality stuff in here. But I really like this one, very well executed sir!

LaFerrari is up on my profile as well as a tune. Enjoy.

File: LaFerrarihub

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Excellent logo work and I really like the 488! The Mission logo is great, I love how Ferrari still sneaks Marlboro references into their liveries.

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New car Ferrari 599XX

File: 599XXfinal

Ferrari 599XX by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

11-5-2018_3-17-44_PM by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

You’ll want to grab the tune while you’re at it, it’s an incredible car, and May the downforce be with you.

Seems like you really like your Ferraris! Well, you do them justice. Gonna look for the tune and livery, is the tune shared with the same filename? Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see more of these awesome liveries. Keep 'em coming!

Acura NSX 17

Probably my favorite car right now. Every color you see was white in my old H3 design and I took it to another level. The way the lights have symmetry with the design is a nice bonus to going all out with a radical color scheme. I took lots of pics, here’s a few.

Acura NSX by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

11-17-2018_10-53-54_AM by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Acura NSX by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Acura NSX by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Want to drive it? File: NSX_Koni


918 with the new painted rim option.

Ferrari 360 CS. Done!

Ferrari 360 CS by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Ferrari 360 CS by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

Ferrari 360 CS by Tyler Duncan, on Flickr

The 911 GT3RS and 918 you may have seen screenshots of are available for download! For anyone that does Not know how to find these liveries in game, you can search for my user name in Photos and get my creative hub.

Wheels: Any with an outer lip. Im using Volk / Rays

I also have over 80 vinyls shared to date. They are the most accurate version of them by my eyes!