Huge Car Comparison Excel List for S1 Class

Hi everyone,

so for the past few weeks i was testing and tuning several cars in S1 class and i’d finally like to share my experience and results with you. I tried to put all of the relevant data in one excel sheet to compare all cars and choose the best. Some of the cars are listed twice or even three times, since i not only wanted to compare different cars, but also different engines or aspirations on same cars with each other. The sheet is still very work in progress, and i want to include not only S1, but also S2 and A cars in the future. But for now i am focused on S1 as i enjoy those races the most.
While testing some real suprises showed up, as the Plymouth Prowler, Opel Manta or Lotus Esprit which are extremely fast and rarely used.
Some of my tunes are able to clock #10 times on the leaderboard, some of them even #1 like the Impreza '04 tune.


Feedback is very welcome, cheers


Good job man, this is awesome.

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Opel Manta was popular when game 1st released. Prowler is popular among the Chinese LTC club.
Espirit is definitely underused though so as Ford GT 2005, and Camaro/XJ220 (almost) full power S1 tune (1000+kW), and some more.
Lately i believe it’s best for most cars to have only rear wing on despite i was using high DF front and rear in old days.

EDIT: Personally I would ditch the grip section as the handling rating bar is a surprisingly much-more-accurate parameters than the Gs. E.g. 0.99/1.05 of Bently Continental 2017 handles like 1.00/1.08 for Nissan Silvia.

Great efforts for da list.

Yes lots of cars benefit from that extra PI if using stock front. But adding rear wing also decreases top speed, and you dont want to drive away in the corners just to be snacked with a V12 swapped muscle car on the straight :stuck_out_tongue:
I did not know about the Manta beeing used so much in the early days, I joined dec/16. Havent really testet the XJ220 that much, but from my experience so far horsepower doesnt matter that much if you have a really heavy car. I’d prefer a lighter one with less HP and one tire upgrade less, since most of the time its overall the faster tune. I recently tested it with the 2017 Nissan GT-R. But i’ll definately have a look at the XJ220.

I’m also very suprised from the 2009 ZR1. It only has 1.07G’s at 193kmh, which is very low, but it grips like hell! Very weird

FH3 PI is f***** up so lightweight & less tires are often the routes I would go for as well. I found myself to have very slight upper edge often with rear wing & almost-min. downforce, but of course there’re still cars that are better off with stock aero.

Full power XJ220 S1 is leaderboard build for some tracks. Obviously won’t serve you well on very tight ones :stuck_out_tongue: