Need your help: S1 street car VS. Ford GT from 2005

Hey dear tuners,

I need your help! :slight_smile:
I have a gaming buddy and whenever we race with comparable cars (e.g. seasonal events), we are usually very close in terms of driving skill and place, most of the time with me having a very slight edge over him. He started FH5 a bit later than me, so I have a few more races already done, but we spent equal amounts in FH4 together, and all of the time, we were around similar skill levels.

Today, he found a new love-car in the Ford GT from 2005. He tuned it to S1 with some tune, and after suddenly beating even the unbeatable AI, he also started doing the rivals events and smashed all my times to the ground, like there’s no tomorrow, 6+ seconds better were no exception. Which are times that are so far off that I doubt it’s only his skill level (especially given above things).

Now, I don’t want to simply copy his tune and try to beat him, but I’d like to do it in other cars. I have since tried with different cars with random S1 tunes like:
Lotus Elise
Ford Supervan
Nissan GT-R 35

The closest I can get is with my favourite car from FH4, the Honda NSX-R from 1992, with the S1 tune from (PXH)Kobold. The tune itself seems to be a bit faster, but not even close in corner-turning at high speed.

So, this is where you guys come in: Which S1 street cars / tunes do you recommend me trying? The Ford GT seems to be ridiciously good compared to most “just take a tune from the list” and other S1 cars, and he can even easily beat unbeatable AI with it in street races. (which I find interesting enough, since both of would not call us expert racers, but more on the “better than average” upper midfield range and we struggle with that with other cars)

So - any ideas or good tipps? I recon I can grind off his time with the NSX-R. And while I don’t mind putting the effort in, the problem is that it feels that he still hasn’t hit peek performance, as this was his “I’ll do it once for the accolade” time…

Im having the same problem with a rival and a ford gt 05. I beat him with my TVR cerberra with my own tune(very op car for s1) on horizon circuit and then with my mclaren f1 gt on arch of mulegee. He switched to a porsche 911 and i cant beat him(.25 sec too slow). Cant figure out his tune and i dont use premade tunes.

Need some more specificity in order to offer guidance…

For instance, at Goliath, what approximate RIVAL time are you targeting in an S1 car?
Are you using an xbox controller or wheel and pedals?
Running with assists or without assists?

The Ford GT 05 is probably the fastest AWD S1 car in the game, so you are going to struggle to match it using an AWD car. The Jaguar XJR and 2005 NSX GT-R in RWD powerbuild will both beat it in most tracks fairly easily though, with a good tune, and aren’t too difficult to drive with TCS on.

Try the ferrari FXX

We currently have a group rival championshiop up the Volcan with S1 (after last month with A8). Automatic, manual shifting, manual w/ clutch (the leaders drives one).
The Ford '05 (and Elise Gt1) are banned from the race for fairness, as was the hot wheels bone shaker from last month’s.

The cars currently in the top three on S1 are the Ford Supervan and the KTM X-Bow.
I preferred the Hoonigan Escort on S1 first, but the X-Bow gave me another 2 seconds.


I use my 2019 Porsche Carrera S with a tune (made by me), it’s pretty good at beating the Ford GT (S1 class).
The Porsche has a top speed of 373.4 km/h, a 0-100 kph time in 4.793s.
It has 640 hp and 596 N-m of torque.
It weighs 1,352 kg and has 1.30 lateral Gs.
It has race suspension and slick tires, it’s also AWD.

Here is the share code: 156 508 018

Give it a try, and good luck with beating the Ford GT!


The Ferrari FXX and 05 Ford GT are the top 2 AWD builds in S1. So if you are stuck on AWD, the Ferrari FXX is really your only option. If you like RWD, but don like power builds, Thankfulbard1’s Lotus Elise GT1 drift tire build and TopTierRamen’s Diablo GTR drift tire tunes are super easy to drive and I find generally faster than both the Ferrari and 05 Ford GT. The Diablo GTR is probably the better street option, with it’s fast launch for a RWD car and very good top end acceleration and top speed. The Lotus Elise Gt1 being the better circuit option with slightly better handling and not needing the top end speed as much.

Obviously, if you are comfortable with powerbuilds, the Jaguar XJR and NSX-R GT will easily beat all of them on most tracks/sprints/street except the handling ones where the handling builds of the RWD Lotus Elise GT1 reign supreme.