How to reset FH5?

Xbox One X here…
Somehow I left (was bounced from?) the Apex Tulum Expedition before photographing the 2 statues. That Mission now has a checkmark next to it and is locked. I don’t know what I am missing, but by not getting those two photographs I am definitely missing something.

Since I am only a couple hours in I’m thinking of resetting.

BUT, in looking to perm delete my 1.4MB saved game file (locally and cloud) there is a scary message saying doing this may affect other versions of this game. Been playing Forza since v2 and I am at a quandary. Don’t want to lose previous version saves. Help?

youre not missing anything. theyre optional side things to do in a little area

they only net some extra exp. very minor exp.

game doesnt lock you out of anything.

Had the same problem, not knowing what to do and finding the exit too early.

Simply do it again - as I did - and complete the missing targets, In my case some spots where I should go where already marked, so no need to reset…

How were you able to start the mission again?

Nevermind, just found it