How to disable TAA in Forza Motorsport (PC, Steam)

Yeah they fooled us all. I honestly thought it was gonna be mind blowing good. I built a brand new system with 13thgen cpu, nvme, and bought a 3090 so I’d be sure to be able to run 4k 60fps solid or more with all the bells and whistles. As it turned out most of the bells and whistles that they promised were missing. I am glad they are still working away on the game though and didn’t go full Redfall on us.

Did they lie to us? Yes.
Does it change anything if we keep complaining about it and compare promo graphics with the actual graphics? No.

See the first quote

It is true, and it is a standard practice of the industry, and it should fall under false advertisement laws.

Complaining about people complaining about something you acknowledge is wrong is such a strange stance to take.

Selling a product based on a bait and switch is not ok. It’s really not that complicated.

And ever since launch Turn 10 have continued to share screenshots and footage using higher quality settings and completely unavailable tech. If this tech is working, and was used to sell the game to us, it’s not unreasonable to complain that it’s currently being withheld.


I never said it is okay how they do it, I say there is no point to keep using that promo material.

In Germany we say “Der Drops ist gelutscht.” You can’t change anything about it.

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Thats not guaranteed. Forza Horizon 5 got backlash for constantly using raytracing in the open world for their marketing. Once it caught traction, they added support for it.

That kinda outcome is not guaranteed either, but trying is worth as least as much effort as you seem to be putting into calling it pointless. In the meantime, it raises awareness and hopefully informs potential consumers about what they’re actually buying.

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Same - game on a QD QLED, every game looks beautiful but FM looks like it has a gaping hole in the middle and grey corners around the borders of the screen. It’s like I’m going into a wormhole or something at night piloting the Starship Enterprise.

So annoying - didn’t they even test anything out before release? Really disappointing.

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I honestly think it was intentional.

For what reason?

Edit: I want a TAA and DOF toggle option in the graphical settings menu.

No good reason.

Perhaps its to hide something. Just like all the lighting they put around tracks at night to hide the horrible headlights that only shine like 25-50m down the road.

Or just an awful artistic choice.

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I’d prefer if the extra lights on tracks weren’t added, but I suppose it could be there for cars that don’t have headlights.

Intentional… sure… But it looks dreadful. What were they actually thinking? :thinking::neutral_face:

Atta-boy, lets keep pushing for the two options in the menu. It’s a huge hassle after every update to disable them by various ways turn10 should have already implemented in the menu.


Does this only happen in certain views?

It’s actually more than two. Bloom (inside and outside of the car), DOF, and windshield reflection.

Shocker. Once the community proves how easy it is to do, Turn 10 add the option.

I honestly don’t understand the resistance to providing such basic options that are practically always trivial to implement. Props to Turn 10 for doing the bare minimum instead of nothing at all though (ahem, 343)

I think the coding was recently put into place with the intention of a TAA toggle being added and someone “discovered” it can be activated by deleting some brackets in the code…

Also, I strongly believe a developer dropped that Easter Egg.

Wait, is there a secret setting to reduce windscreen reflections? Because that’s been a much bigger thorn in my behind than TAA.

path: XboxGames\Forza Motorsport\Content\media\pcfamily\renderscenarios\ultra\Global.xml

set to zero: EnableWindshieldReflections value=“0”

This path is for “Ultra” settings. If you use a different set, adjust the path accordingly.