How to disable TAA in Forza Motorsport (PC, Steam)

For whoever thinks it’s useful, here it is:

Enjoy while developers don’t patch it.


Well look at that, shows what Turn10 want hidden from their customers. Other professional Studios would offer all the setting but Turn10 like to hide them

Anything to make the image look better is a good thing, holding back on options is not but don’t expect much more from the ground up team

I guess maybe because of poor and awfully bad anti aliasing they forced taa but that’s obviously wrong solution. And maybe because of poor optimization specifically on pc they didn’t put more anti aliasing options to choose. Hopefully they give us more graphical options after optimization update and fixes.


Don’t hold your breath on this. Something so simple as removing a few instances of <_ _! from the code causing a TAA toggle to appear is too labor intensive and requires an untold amount of testing. This is why Turn 10 can’t be bothered to even do this. Way too much work.


Having this TAA toggle as well as DOF toggle goes a long way in improving clarity at 4k. Please implement both in-game Turn10.


I prefer using TAA over not using any AA. And I prefer TAA over MSAA. It looks decent enough in NATIVE 2160p, but TAA makes it look blurry at lower resolutions.

In FM7 we didn’t have TAA and we had to use computing intensive MSAA 4x or 8x. Without AA the game had too many jaggies.


Sure you can also get rid of aliasing effects if you render the game in a higher resolution, but I can’t do that in FM2023 with my RTX 3080, then I run out of V-RAM and it costs too much performance in general.

RTX 4090 users can do such things I guess. But I am okay with TAA.

Some ppl also maybe like DLAA but it looks too sharp for me. It hurts my eyes.

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@JohnDoe9302 That’s what you get for playing with sharp edges without protective goggles.

In all seriousness, I haven’t played with settings much, but I get absurd levels of ghosting effect and it’s starting to annoy me. When it was just needles dripping on the gauges it wasn’t too much of a problem, but since update 8 it’s in the livery editor. No joke, when I change the paint from e.g. white to black, there’s a few frames where the car looks grey.

I might give this a try.


Don’t use DLSS. In case you use it turn that off believe me. It makes it an extremely ghosting/bleeding mess.


Xbox’s anti-modding stance plays a big part in this. Couple that with Turn 10’s “we know best” stance on whether or not to give options, and them hiding something like this, is par for the course.

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TAA off - looks terrible.

TAA on and 125% render scale looks great


Running TAA on and Image Sharpening through Nvidia’s filters also gets good results. Mine is settings are - Sharpen 0,7. Ignore Film Grain is set to 0.17. This allows me to get decent performing frame rates and have a lot more clarity without the jaggies.

I am thinking about switching Image Sharpening to a per-game setting though. Some games (like BG3) look a little too crisp, while others (Elden Ring for example) could use a bit more sharpening. Then there’s the 2D games that see no benefit what-so-ever from running sharpening.

Even though I will most likely keep TAA on if I were presented with the option to turn it off, I still want that option! From the looks of things, it would be very simple for this to be changed in the next update, but I highly doubt Turn 10 will do so.

Looking into the video and noticed that it’s only 9 hours old…

Also, this isn’t as cut and dry as I earlier assumed. I get the feeling that this option is on the way. Looking at the video before the bot’s voice suggested editing the file, the TAA setting is simply blocked off, as if it’s just not switched on yet. Also, the video only being 9 hours old suggests that this setting is recent. I assumed the video was months old and that Turn 10 had no intentions of making this an option. It looks like they are intending to do that.

Well… I am not going to edit or remove my posts, but I do admit that I jumped to conclusions before looking into matter. My bad.


Well, it seems you’re speaking the truth. The difference is insane. I had it on ultra quality DLAA for reference.

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No i have noticed the settings for TAA in that file before. I had no idea how to comment them out correctly and it would never work, thanks to the video which explains how to do it correctly the editing works. It’s not recent I can vouch for that, Nexus has old mods that have this file included and the TAA stuff is in them. It’s cool to have this option to disable TAA, but the only ‘real’ gains I’ve seen are from disabling DOF, it actually gets rid of 90% of the blur on everything. TAA I feel needs to be on or the game is a jagged mess unfortunately. So once again Turn10 please add an option to toggle DOF on/off

Between what you wrote about it and the DOF mod on Nexus, I want DOF off too. Fingers crossed.

Ability to completely disable CA, DoF, DD - Motorsport Features / PC Specific - Official Forza Community Forums

I don’t know if there is another DOF related suggestion topic?

Is TAA on for the xbx?

I would have to guess yes it is.

I’ve altered the color pallatte too with nvidia filters and I got mine looking saweet on my 4k even without hdr it pops now. DOF removal is key to a great crisp 4k picture with clear rtx reflections.


For me, the best implementation of TAA is MSFS2020, which is the only game I know where TAA is actually the best available AA among the other types. Their implementation is really good, considering you need to keep an eye on the instruments. No ghosting at all, and everything is clear. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like it’s TAA (I don’t know if their engine is the same ForzaTech used in FM).

However, in all other games I play (The Crew 2/ Motorfest, for example), TAA affects cockpit view negatively, because of the ghosting and blur in dashboards (mainly the digital ones)

What is the current car speed, by looking at the dashboard? (The Crew 2 screenshot)

In FM, even at 3840 × 2160 (100% scale, TAA on), cockpit indicators have ghosting.

Take a look here (3840 × 2160 screenshot):

And this is actually a good cenario…I could have posted a much worse example. Even so, you can see a “7” and a subtle “5” there. In motion, it’s much worse.

Most people don’t notice it because they play in chase cam view.

Or they are used to it, I don’t know…

(Everyone I saw praising the graphics posted videos of chase cam)

Like you said, lower resolutions are even worse.

The current best way (optimal visuals) to play I know is DLAA + 200% resolution scale.

BUT it’s sad the player has to crank resolution by 2 times in order to get somewhat decent visuals.

So my current “all around” best way now is TAA OFF + 200% scale (yes, there’re jagged lines, but it’s best than blur and ghosting). Still, the 200% scale is a big downside (slightly less expensive than the DLAA method).

I’ve always used max level of MSAA in FM7, but didn’t notice anything significant in CPU or GPU load.
I can’t say the same about running FM (2023) at 200% resolution scale, as it has a huge impact in performance.

You can try running the game at 2560 × 1440 with 200% resolution scale.

Comparated to 3840 × 2160 (100% scale), it requires a little bit more GPU power, but it has less ghosting, and it MIGHT be better in VRAM usage. (Didn’t test VRAM part, though, and textures could be worse).

(Don’t know if the general appearance would please you)

My tip for everyone who wants no ghosting and great visuals (at least in 1440p it’s pretty good) is combining DLAA + 200% Resolution scale. It’s impossible do it using in-game settings, as changing one option disables the other, so you need to edit the settings file by hand, but it’s pretty easy:

(assuming Steam here)

Go to "%localappdata%\Microsoft.ForzaMotorsport\User_SteamLocalStorageDirectory\ConnectedStorage\ForzaUserConfigSelections\UserConfigSelections"

Then edit this file like in the picture below: (file name is “UserConfigSelections”)

To short:
IDS_DLSSMode_Label value must be set to IDS_DLSS_UltraQuality
IDS_ResolutionScale_Label value must be set to IDS_ResolutionScale_200PERCENT

When you start the game, DLSS Ultra Quality will be enabled, as well as 200% resolution scale.
Might also work for other resolutions. Just make sure to avoid changing one of these options in-game, because if you do so, the other one will be disabled. Other graphics settings can freely be changed from in-game settings. Just don’t change (either directly or indirectly) DLSS and resolution scale.

In 2160p, maybe you don’t need 200% scale, so you can try a lower one.
In 1080p, it will probally improve things, though I haven’t tested it in this resolution.

***As long as your GPU can handle it, and you’re ok with increasing resolution by 2 because there’s not a good AA implemented***, the final result is very good.

(Do it on your own risk)


I’m surprised this thread has lasted as long as it has… maybe T10 are going to add the feature soon so it’s a option…

That I highly doubt but thanks for sharing @alb3530

Is there a way to get bloom effects and RTGI by editing few lines like this on PC version? I’m down for it.