How Safe Is The Future Of Gaming

Does the gaming console really have a future or will our laptops be the true future of gaming, imagine your console going with you wherever you go because as the hardware becomes smaller and smaller surely its only a matter of time before this becomes a reality. With high prices and a worldwide market anybody can see that this market would be a huge draw to any computer manufacturer if and when the technology was available to make it a reality because lets face it the handheld console can be fun but imagine a truly portable console that was your every day computer as well. Microsoft would probably still be a huge player but Sony might be at a disadvantage not being as involved in the world of computing but I can see there being a few companies that would become players and with that level of new competition surely we as gamers would see a difference in what we are charged for participating in the industry. Yes a computer\xbox or computer\playstation will be more expensive but it is a console with everything your laptop can do added with games coming more and more as downloads, wherever you are you can game my only worry is with the wear and tear a laptop gets every day the producers of games might have to allow gamers who lose all their content through accidental damage to their laptop\console to buy the games they purchased as a new copy at a nominal fee or maybe a cloud style arrangement that stores not only your game but all the progress you have made in it which you can access once again for a nominal fee. Maybe even a monthly fee so that you know your gaming progress will never ever be lost again forcing you to start from day one all over again I know that many of the gamers that have suffered this horrible loss of game progress would have liked an option to recover all that lost material for a small monthly fee I know I would have if it had happened to me. But come on people let me know what YOU think is the future of gaming.

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What you describe is already happening in the pc space. The consoles still adhere to the old model because quite frankly the console userbase wont let go of physical.

All games bought on pc are tied to your account, computer loss or damage is irrelevant, just redownload or restore from backup, easy. Steam, GOG, ea account (previously origin), ubisoft uplay all keep track of your licences (purchases). You never have owned any software, this gen or previous. You are only licenced to use it.

Sony has begun the transition to SaaS (software as a service) with Ps now and smart TV’s, all you need is a DS4 and the service sub.
EA has begun their transition, starting with mobile.
MS will begin to transition with windows 10 come July 29.

By 2017 it is expected that SaaS will take over the majority of services, not just gaming. Keep in mind I’m not just talking about streaming services. Localised gaming and rendering, especially with the VR push coming isn’t going anywhere, but all the current console players will get out of hardware.

Win10 is SaaS, and has the majority of Xbox Live features (friends, party chat, game dvr etc) all that is missing (for now) is first party titles, but they too will come.

HBM is here already, HBM2 will be here in 2016 with 4096 bit bus and 16 - 32GB of vram per gpu. Win10 allows for much better multi gpu support which will allow stacked vram (2 cards with 32GB will total 64GB vram). This will be required for true next gen VR experiences

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Game consoles won’t be going away any time soon. There’s too many drawbacks to alternatives to kill off consoles.

  1. Consoles are plug-and-play as-is no-upgrades no-system-requirements. That means if you have a PlayStation 5 and a game box says the game is for PlayStation 5, there’s no doubt about being able to play it on your PS5. If I want to play a PC game, I may or may not be able to play it on my PC, and even if I can it might be after updating hardware, updating software, or configuring game settings so it runs okay. Consoles require none of that mess.

  2. Digital downloads or streaming can’t completely replace discs because not everybody has sufficient high-speed internet and there’s always going to be people that want a disc. I bought FM6 Ultimate begrudgingly because I really wanted a physical disc but Ultimate is digital-only.

  3. Consoles have a price advantage over gaming PCs. I’ve seen stuff about gaming rigs supposedly built for console prices, but normally a proper gaming PC costs quite a bit more than a console, and after you go out and sink four figures into your run-anything-at-maximum-settings PC you’re fine today but a year or two from now you’ll need to upgrade to stay on top of the latest software demands. I can buy the next Xbox for $400 or whatever and be set for all Xbox gaming for the next five to ten years with no hardware upgrades.

There’s always going to be tech pioneers exploring future gaming options, but after several decades consoles are still here and don’t look to be replaced just yet. I’ve seen hot new handhelds over the years, like Zodiac off the top of my head, that tech guys assured us were going to take over handheld gaming because they were so amazing and run Nintendo out of the market. Nintendo still owns the market and nobody owns a Zodiac.

Landscape has changed. Phones and tablets are equal to or more powerful than the xb1/ps4.

More people are playing on pc’s and mobile devices, streaming from pc’s. Software as a service with platform agnostic devices is the future.

The one major benefit for both Microsoft and Sony is that they both could do away with console production and instead sell expensive licenses to major computer producers it seems that would make total financial sense. No longer would they not have to produce their own consoles for however much it cost’s but with no production costs they could also make billions in licensing deals and maybe in the not so far future you will be playing both Playstation and Xbone games on the same super laptop computer. The actual hardware will be a reality in the very near future so you will have a slightly larger laptop which works as your personal computer but also every games console at your fingertips whenever you wish, it makes total sense and I believe will be a reality in the very near future and although hardcore gamers might not like the idea it will be like the removal of a physical disc for digital downloads we really have no say at all.

I read some where that the next consoles will be modular,you want a new graphics card plug one in,same with all other componets,never becomes obsolete this way,what do you think Dust? Possible?

Wont happen, why? That’s a pc.

They will get out of hardware and just become SaaS.