How many times do your tunes have to be used to get CR?

I have multiple tunes with over 20 uses and I still get messages everyday saying that with higher usage I will get credits.

100 or more a day

Ok cool thanks!

Do you know if it all has to be on one tune or can it be spread out over a few?

Actually for tunes you only need 50 a day (as in between 0:00 GMT and 11:59 PM GMT). For designs you need 100+ uses.

Yeah, so its best to use a tune and design on the same car so you can get them together.

What is the game’s definition of a use?

Is it per race? Per person?

Does one person using the tune in 50 different races in a day pay out? Or does it need to be 50 different people?

Also, once you do break the threshold, how many credits per use do you actually end up making?

One use = one full race. IDK what the payout is per use, But I have heard there is a limit to how much your designs/tunes can earn per 24 hours.

I’ve got tubes with over 100 uses and yet to receive anything i get the message every day saying higher usage and I could earn cr

i think this system needs to be re-done, its not really a fair system. only the best tuners and best designers are going to benefit and get credits. you should be paid, even if its a small amount, each time a tune or design is downloaded, just as you would before selling them.


I wouldn’t mind if I could make at least 50-100cr per use, at least I’ll be making some money rather than nothing everyday.

designs/tunes/etc don’t give you very much money at all. I make more from one level up than I regularly do a day from my tunes.

exactly… leveling up is where the money is… 70 G’s per level

The new sharing system is total trash imo. I used to make easy millions on the last 3 forza titles selling high quality designs for 50k each at a low quantity. Now after a month of owning the game I have yet to earn a dime, just “with higher usage you can earn cr” over 100 uses a day and you still only make several grand? For this exact reason I stopped creating designs/tunes and if I do I simply keep them and do not upload them because there is no benefit. Some of my designs have been downloaded many times but that doesn’t seem to count for anything, only uses.

Secondly, the search system is terrible. Not being able to look at most downloaded/top rated anymore makes it much harder to find quality designs. Perhaps this is because more people have also stopped creating content because the benefit is marginal if it exists at all.

Thirdly, the only designs that I see could be making money are the horrendous designs people put up on day one of the games release so they will forever be on the “popular” section of downloads, it is extremely difficult for new designs to find their way to the top because the majority of people just download the already popular designs making them more popular and keeping them at the top of the list.

Perhaps the worst part is the featured designs that are total crap but feature an xbox or turn 10 logo so the get featured over higher quality designs, T10 and MS you don’t need to advertise to people that already own the game!!

The current system is bull and I think we will see far less user generated content because the incentive/rate of success just isn’t there.



I get the frustrations that people have with the new system and I also agree that it’s tougher than it should be to find good designs.

However, if your complaint is that you aren’t making any money from your designs and your solution is to stop uploading designs - then don’t expect anything to change. The way to make this system work is to keep putting designs out there for people to purchase.

I also think there is probably a disconnect between the cars that a painter wants to paint and the cars that are actually getting driven on a daily basis. If you’re painting an oddball car that isn’t going to see a lot of use in races - then you’re not going to see a lot of money coming in from that design. On the other hand, if you’re painting leaderboard cars then I think it’s a lot more likely that you’ll see money coming in from those cars being regularly used.

The current system requires 120 uses per day of paint jobs and 50 uses per day of a tune.

Day is defined as a 24 hour period which resets each night. I’m in the UK and it’s about 1 or 2am for me so not sure how that translates to the US.

Uses are defined as a race start. Races do not need to be completed (for example if you crash out on the last corner and start again, it will in fact count as 2 uses). Uses can be accumulated across various paints/ tunes and are also accumulated across multiple users (so if you’ve got 10 people each using your paint/tune for one race you’ll get 10 uses. If they do two races each you’ll get 20 uses and so forth.)

Hope this helps.

Also, completely agree with you DUBVSIXTEEN.

I’ve been painting since FM2. Throughout FM2, FM3 and FM4 I averaged a 15-25k income each week. It wasn’t loads, but just enough to provide an incentive for my work.

On FM5 I’ve had to take a completely different approach. Rather than working on specific paints that I like, I’ve turned to creating an original design and applying it across the board to as many cars as I own. In other words I’ve had to go for quantity over quality.

Here’s a picture of the design applied to an Ariel Atom:

Through sheer luck, and getting into a lobby with folks happy enough to use a few of my designs, I’ve managed to meet the requirements for a payout. But since meeting it I’ve gone back down to my usual trickle of downloads, which suits me but doesn’t suit the rating system.

I completely echo your comments on the current results of the new system. Consistently the suggested designs when I buy a new car consist of one or two reasonable designs with the rest being nothing more than a simple carbon fibre/ chrome/ wood paint job or a car with a single stripe and manufacturer logo’s spammed over the bodywork. I’ve been doing my best to use community created content in order to help support the new system, but it’s really difficult finding designs sometimes that truly merit any form of recognition/ reward.

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I’m 99.9% sure that “day” is defined as a login. There have been two gaps in my playing since I got the XB1, both of several weeks. On my first login after each hiatus I had several hundred thousand dollars of livery money waiting for me. When I play daily (or even once every few days) there is nothing, just the message about increased usage blah blah blah.

I had 152 uses today off of 1 tune and only got 6990 cr. What’s the deal , I read that people are getting 19k off of 120 uses. Am I doing something wrong ?