A question about created tunes and paints

Not sure if any one has asked this question or not but , hey no stupid questions right, well expect those not asked.
so as a painter I get 500 cr for each design downloaded, 1000 cr for each like and 100cr for each use. my question is do the use credits only count when playing online multiplayer or career mode. or do I get credits for when ppl use the design in free play?
I have noticed when I down load a tune and use it a bunch of times the game pops up and asks if I like the tune, I assume if I click yes then they get the 1000 credits. I have had the game ask a cpl of times for some tunes, and if I am still using the tune I say yes. Does the game also ask ppl if they use the same deign a cpl time if they like it?

I ask because I have one design d/l 20 times 0 like and only 2 race uses? come on ppl show a little love here. if you down load some one work please like it at least once. 500 credits is not a lot. just like tuning a car it takes time and attention to get it to what you think is just right. I know I am not the best painter in the game by a FAR SHOT, but still some times it takes a week to get to my finished cars. would I do it even if I could not sell the cars yes, because I enjoy doing it, being able to let other ppl use my designs, and getting extra credits is an added bonus.

OPPS think I went from asking a simple question to a mini rant lol. However I would still like to know if the use credits only apply to online and career mode play, or does it extend to free play as well?



The game doesn’t record uses accurately. You could very well have a 100 uses and never get credit for it. I’ve literally seen people use my stuff online and sometimes I get paid and other times not. I’ve seen one of my tunes used close to 10 times one night and when I checked the next day, the car had a few downloads, 1 like and no uses. Lmao.


Very true, I’m having the same issue.

And to the OP, yes, using a persons livery on a regular basis the games asks you to ‘like’ or not… I always choose ‘like’ of course. As I hope other fo the same with mine.

I’ve had notices that I’ve reviewed X# of ‘Likes’ and #X number of ‘Uses’ and seen the credits given, yet when I go and check to see which ones it has been, either a livery or a layer group, the corresponding ‘likes/uses’ don’t show up in the stats.

On one occasion it said I got 3 likes for a livery, and several uses of a layer group/design, but it never showed up in the related livery or layer groups stats.

Very very odd.

Seems the whole system is flawed, and needs a major fix, that’s for sure.

I have only shared a couple of logos at this point, and so far in F6 I have only created a few club liveries for myself…
The sharing system does not inspire me to design or even recreate a few favs from F4. Sad really as I enjoyed design before, it was my go to for chill time.
Another grip is not being able to gift custom work within club as awards for events etc. Not impossible but diff a headache to share multiple numbered cars out.
All I hope for is that Big Brother will have pity on us and bring back some of the features that we all miss the most…


I don’t think gifting will return as it was taken out, I believe, due to hackers stealing designs and selling them as their own.

If I saw someone selling my design I’d be mightily ****** off :slight_smile:

I still paint because I really love it but I have to say the painters don’t get rewarded properly for the work some of them do unless you enter the weekly livery contest and your design becomes a turn 10 pick. You’ll get loads of activity if designs are featured as a turn 10 pick and get a good few credits for it.

Now about the likes - people are so ungreatful these days. If someone doesn’t like your work and still uses it often I think it should be revoked from their livery bank. No seriously!


I thought the same thing. One of my cars has 390 downloads. 420 uses and only 60 likes. Another has 84 downloads. 22 uses and not one like. In fact it’s rather the same on nearly every design. Bit of a slap in the face considering you’ve spent hours designing something that people can use either because they can’t or dont have the time. Anything I’ve ever used if it asks me if I like it and I’m using it I click the like button. My way of appreciating and thanking the person for their work. Judging by what I’ve seen on my work not many do the same. Personally I think it should be built into the game if you click no when the message pops up the game automatically removes it from your car. After all if you don’t like it why would you want it?


Short answer: Nobody knows.

Long answer: Turn 10 haven’t fully disclosed how the “uses” portion of the payouts work.

I have had the “Do you like this tune/design” message show up a number of times while driving stock cars (typically Rentals).

Likes and Uses don’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. The only guaranteed way to have your tunes become more popular is to put one of them near the top of the leaderboards. The only way to guarantee that your livery design becomes popular is to win an official livery contest with it.

Also, unless the “Do you like this” message pops up, very few people will take the time to quit out of a race, navigate through a number of menus, find the specific piece of content they’re using and hit that Like button.

I did not know you could do this…

@ Oldschool: If you really want to talk about the good old days, you shoulda been here for FM2 when you could make 250K per tune on the auction house and artists could make 20 million to 1 billion per limited edition paint. There were no likes, uses or stars, you cashed your check and went home, and we was happy with it!

@ OP: Make the best of the situation you have, dont worry about likes or credits. If people didnt like it, they wouldnt have downloaded it.

Oh, I’d put up a Sagaris or three a weekend, one off’s, each different number, different color combo’s in the auction house for big bucks.
And then on Wednesday I’d bid and buy a few more for almost nothing and sell em the next weekend. That was really good money, but it was more fun watching the bidding than the money. Even then I’d pick up a car for 6-9k and drop a paint on it, premixed for 150k open and let 'er rip.

I dont want to go too far down the ‘good old days’ nostalgia path but the AH in FM2 was many times busier and more profitable than 3 or 4. Maybe its one of those things that you just had to be there. The activity on the forums was phenominal, and its all been downhill since. Now if you dont know what you are looking for when you go in, you’ll never find it, credits are minimal and recognition is nonexistant.

Likes will always be much lower than uses as it takes a predetermined amount of uses to trigger the like option (if it’s working properly?) I always hit yes when prompted, its credits in someone elses pocket and didn’t come out of mine, why wouldn’t I?

That said, I will and have downloaded stuff that I’ve not used before, again, it gives the painter some credits and I may not use the car, or I might see something else, which if I’m not using the car now I have 2 designs not being used, or I might paint the car myself down the road. At any rate, when I have the opportunity, I click to support.

I used to push for uses above all else as it would be consistent income, but its so low, I don’t see the point anymore, and if its broken as some seem to think, even more meh.

I think back to F3 and 4 when I could set my download prices, and I wasn’t greedy, nothing over 10k and most were 5kish, and the credits now are just kinda sad. But then I throw down the paint gun and go racing. It’s where the money is.

Now if I could only get that 50k tune download thingie…(meh)

EDIT: Oh, hey, does anyone remember being prompted in Freeplay to like something?

The new thumbnail pictures really don’t help painters show off their work when people are searching designs.

We can only see the front and one side of the car on the tiny still thumbnails and without downloading the design we can’t see all of the car so my guess is a lot of people will download a paint just to fully see the car. Some people will carry on searching if the design is not what they were expecting and maybe even delete the previous design. So there’s bound to always be more downloads than uses & likes.

FM4 had this sorted but I won’t even go there.

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I’ve had a similar experience with lack of correlation between known usage and no credits given. I was racing with some friends, a bunch of them decided to try my tune, downloaded it and raced with it a few times. The numbers that came up the next time I started the game for tune dls and uses weren’t as high as those that I knew happened the night before from watching people use them.

I have more trouble correlating my paints. I’ve had a few Turn 10 Selects so I get consistent decent numbers of downloads and usages making it hard to know if I’m getting credit for use I actually see happen.

I would like to get the badge for 25 5 star designs. That’s a tough one though. I have a few designs that weren’t turn 10 select that have enough DLs, likes, and usages to be 5 stars but a lot of them stall out in the high 4 star range disappointingly.

I think it’s always best to share designs at weekend as more people play the game if you want the 25 5 star popularity rating achievement. Your design gets more attention then as it’s still fresh in the new design section.

I made a pretty quick ‘Tron’ Aventador design in blue and one in red last Friday night and shared them before heading to my girlfriends for the weekend. When I got back on Monday morning I had a quick go of Forza before work and to my amazement both had 5 stars.

Just throw a few lines on one side of the Aventador and do the mirror trick and change the colour a few times and boom! Easy stars!

Ive taken them down since to edit them but will do the same trick tomorrow night although I don’t know if you’ll get the achievement if you un-share them and share again.

It was definitely easier to make money with paints in the auction house than it is currently. I was selling 00 Cobra Rs in the auction house with Mark Martin and Davey Allison liveries for over a million profit a piece. Would sell one of each daily without fail. Certainly get more downloads on a lot of things the current way but the payouts aren’t as good. Not that credits matter to me at this point. I get way more satisfaction from seeing people are downloading and using my stuff than I get from the credits that come in.

I just did some quick numbers, my Week 1 Turn 10 select design has brought in under 1.5 million. Less than 1.5 million since game launch off the design compared to the old auction house method that would being in 1 million per day.

What I do know for sure is that uses do not extend to rivals mode. I’m also trying to get the badges for 25 5* setups and designs and would like to understand the weighting given to downloads, likes and uses in the star rating formula.

People never take the time out of their days to like things that they use. I never see anyone like their designs. I go in to My Designs after each weekend and like all the designs I downloaded. maybe that’s an idea?


The way the designs pop up before you buy a car is good for turn10 painters and thier choice designs…not everyone cares to search out a good design anymore. I get sick of the junk that turn10 recomend some random thingie.The store front the ability to share freely or short runs and to set your own prices…ah the good old days…

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It absolutely kills me that I can’t “give” a paint to a club mate for a series he’s racing in. Can’t paint a car and then have him put the requisite number board on, so I have to do the board myself, and if the series promoter doesn’t have the board up…So now I have race boards for random series…

If I could gift a livery, everyone could put their own board on it and go.


Why did turn10 stop clubs that was sweet…?

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