How long did T10 pay for licensing this time?

Ya know, since FM7 only 4 years of licensing for its car models and delisted the game after that time.

Officially that is.
I bought it one year after delisting getting a code from internet shop.
So had it for 5 months now. But did a mistake wth another game in just bought base game and unable to get addons later, so look finding the right game variant is crucial.

Even more important is that still after 5 years they throw new challenges, rivals and forzathons for us. Don’t know about online events, I don’t do that - yet, that is.


How long did T10 pay for licensing this time?

That’s confidential information that the majority of this forum won’t know about and the remainder won’t talk about.

Historically, Microsoft did 4 year licensing agreements, but that seems to have changed following the release of Forza Horizon 4 and the introduction of Xbox Game Pass.

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Probably long enough to where most of them will run out by the time the game is released.

They’ll never make that information public, nor should they, IMO.


Because it wouldn’t matter if they licensed cars for 10 years, or in perpetuity, someone wouldn’t be happy and find a way use it against T10, Microsoft, Xbox, etc.

Also, that kind of information might include concept and prototype cars, or other proprietary data that might be confidential in the real world automotive industry, too.


Up until Forza Horizon 4, the licencing agreements have always been 4 years (when games become delisted)…whether FH4 is pointing to a change or whether it was a one-off remains to be seen

Looking into some of the Motorsport Games company’s licensing around the Internet and they seem to vary, some around 6 years, others 10 - hoping Microsoft buy them/the licenses over with all this talk of them likely to fail, and competitors want to let them fail to get those licences for less?

The Forza Porsche partnership was announced as being 6 years so due to expire this October unless it’s been renewed… Forza Motorsport 7 E3 2017 Briefing - YouTube