How do I race without constantly losing grip on the turns?

I’m a new player who joined in like June. In S1 I have this amazing Aston Martin that is extremely easy to drive and I never lose grip with. In S2, I’m not so good. I’ve got A Veyron, a Senna, a BAC Mono, a Centenario, and a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, all S2 998, and I’m not very good with any of them. I’m sliding through the turns and just am not very good at all. Any tips? Also if there are any other tips (don’t have to be related to racing, just Forza in general) that you want to give me, feel free to post them. Thanks!

you just have to slow down for the turns. if you have the breaking line turned on and the arrows are red you are going to crash. This is true with any class of vehicle.

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to minimize losing traction gain more through tuning, assists or driving slower

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Yeah I’ve been using the braking line a lot and it helps me out, but especially with rwd im still turning into an expert drifter in the middle of a race
Also I havent messed with the tuning much, Ill try that out later

Quick tips:

a bit less Tire Pressure
Better Tires
Wider Tires
Carefully accelerating on corner exit or
Use Assists in the Options ie: TC ON
Gear-Ratio Optimizing - Longer 2nd gear, narrower 1st gear…
Suspension Optimizing, Tire Angle / not to low, suspension needs to work and so on.
Anti Roll Bar optimizing - More in front to cause a bit understeer.
Diff Optimizing (70-75 in front and 38-45 in back works fine for me)

Optional: Carefull steering - because the extreme is good for donuts, not for fast cornering.

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You could look up tune to maybe get a better grip

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Thanks for all the help everyone, I switched to manual with clutch
I’ve been getting better at driving rwd and less grippy cars, but I still struggle in s2 because of how fast the cars go through the gears

s2 is no joke it is hard and even i find it hard and ive played plenty of forza so i only race it when needed or for fun


Yeah but it’s become practically unplayable because I’m redlining for half a second in every gear
Before I could drive s2 no problem but now it’s really hard

S2 and X-class is hard! If you want to win those ALWAYS go for AWD or you won’t be able to quickly accelerate out of corners! Also you’ll need downforce so front and rear Forza aero is highly recommended.

But if you’re new to Forza I would suggest sticking with D to A-class at first to familiarize yourself with the game. I’m pretty experienced in Forza but I find up to A-class the most fun. But that’s personal of course.

Also, what is your difficulty setting?