High end tuneing issues

Some context that may or may not be impotent i have no assists on but steering set to normal. I also come from a drift tune background trying to get in to road race tuning. Ok so i’ve been trying to tune a few s2 and x class cars but i can’t get any of them to keep grip and i have this issue with hypercars where they seem to over steer massively in straight lines but under steer massively in corners. Does anyone have any tuning tips on getting hypercars to not act like how i said they do? or do i just have to have traction and stability control on? Side note I am new to grip tuning but have been drift tuning sense Forza motorsport 4.

At what speeds are you experiencing loss of grip? High speed turns, low speed turns? Is it awd or rwd. when does oversteer or understeer happen? Is it corner entry, mid corner, corner exit?

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My P1 is RWD during high speed corners the car seems to under steer and loose grip, At low speeds the throttle is so touchy that even the slightest amount just spins the rear tires up. the car is normally fine during corner entry but around mid and exit the car’s tires just loose grip even when only small amounts throttle or break are applied. I even tried resetting the tune but it still feels kinda the same, But it’s most if not all hypercars that act this way AWD or RWD i find that AWD under steer way more.

For the high speed understeer try adding front aero or decrease rear aero to encourage oversteer. Try softening the front arb as well to give the car some roll. Also try adding negative front camber. For oversteer with throttle sometimes you just have to use tcs. But you can try a small amount of toe in on the rear, I believe that adds stability. The suspension could be too stiff overall resulting in a twitchy/responsive car and that will lead to loss of grip. Also you can try either running 1 gear higher in slow turns to prevent the tires from spinning or stretch out the low gears so it’s not quite as touchy. It’s hard to give correction without driving but try what I said and see if it helps.

I followed your advice and now the car performs a lot better still needs a bit of work but thx to you it feels a lot more controllable. Thank you

It would help if you put your build options and tune numbers up. Especially since you traditionally tune drift cars as I know some drift tune techniques involve high rear tyre pressures stiff rear suspension /ARBs and strange camber settings.

Realsaltyys advice above is sound.

Yeah when i was building the P1 i did the exact opposite of what i normally do for a drift tune i the issue was i went too extreme and messed up some things.