How do I move up in my league division?

I’m currently in professional division, I can’t seem to move out of it. I race fast and clean and won 8 races today and had 3 podiums. I checked to see if I moved up for tomorrow’s Track Toys league and I’m still in professional. I’m tired of dominating and I need more of a challenge. Anybody know how I can move up?

As far as I understand it’s not just about league performance. It’s about your true skill which is literally win/lose ratio. You get more true skill points if you beat people with a higher trueskill. If you start a league in pro u finish the league in pro if you don’t start a league u can get promoted half way through the week by improving your true skill in public and private hoppers.

I’m taking a guess here but to get promoted just from league performance I think u need to finish in the top ?%. But thats just a guess

You gotta fully commit to a league for a week. It’s the only way you’ll rack up the tru-skill. I used to be in Professional as well until I did Modern GT for a whole week back in June. Won about 33% of the races and then got a podium in about half the races I did. At the end of the week I got into Pinnacle. The important thing is though is that it was the only thing I did on Forza for the whole week, and it was a massive grind.

I have 2 accounts my main account went from grass routes to pinnicle in the first week

My second account I used for doing the modern gt hopper and got promoted to pinnicle with in 2 week and I didn’t do 1 league race

No races online = Grassroots

Races in hoppers and performed well = trueskill from that used to leagues as benchmark.

The confusion would be lifted if they showed your trueskill. You’d have a better idea how well you’d need to perform in leagues. Winning a few races isnt enough if your trueskill is higher than theirs. You’d have to grind it out if you’re unable to find quality opponents.

I’d like to see it to intentionally drop it and then bring it back up again. I remember that being pretty fun in older forzas.

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Clean laps and wins by a decent margine will get you there. Just dont wish to reach Pinnacle though, its empty and you’ll be lucky to get a race in at all


I don’t think anyone really knows what the criteria is. I was basically a solid top 10 driver, with only a few wins and a handful of podiums and I went from enthusiast to elite in a few weeks. That was also back when the game came out, things may have changed since then. I think others are right though, I don’t think you can move up in the middle of a league run. You may have to wait until the league closes to see if you’ve been promoted, In the meantime, if your looking to challenge yourself a bit, why not try using cars that are, shall we say, less competitive.

Made a second gamertag to race in Elite. Won 4 Ghost league races in Grassroots and went to Professional. Won 5 and back to Elite. Happy days :smiley:

I routinely would not win races but would constantly have the top clean lap times. This would put me in better standings at the race start. I quickly moved up to the top league class. Don’t focus on the win as much as racing respectfully. You’ll move up and help improve the community in the process.


I wish this was true but from my experience clean laps or just racing clean will not help you get promoted. It’s win lose ratio nothing more

I guess I’m wrong. Did this change at some point? I don’t know how else I would have moved up.

I’ve been stuck in Elite for quite some time now and I am consistently on the podium or several seconds ahead in 1st. I think my problem is, I am not able to run the league the whole week but, I’m still able to finish in the top 10% based on the races I’m able to complete.

I doubt it’ll happen but, I’m just looking for cleaner lobbies, I’ll find one every once in a while in the Elite League but, there’s always the few that don’t know how to race cleanly.

Pinnacle isn’t any cleaner.

Clean laps give you more championship points. True skill ranking decided what level. Beating high ranking players will improve your ranking faster than beating slower ranked players.

Clean laps do not give you extra points I have seen no evidence that this happens. The only time I see a difference in points being scored is if the players trueskill is lower than mine then they get more points if the finish ahead of me. If I race people that are roughly the same speed and driver level as me then I get a standard 2400 points for winning a 24 person race. I can do 5 clean laps I will not get any more points. If you have gotten more points for 1 race than another but finished in the same place it’s down to your skill level being lower than the rest not clean laps

I’ve been in the Pinnacle league since day one, and assumed to max out or pretty close to the top of the rating system. I’ve gotten more than 2400 points in room against slow opponents. It’s all. Its all assumption, because we can’t see are rating.
I however don’t pay much attention to the whole points/ league championship, because it’s for people with more time than skill.

Yes alot is based on assumption but what I’m saying is based on my extensive experince in pinnicle. I have never scored more than 2400 points on this gamertag no matter how many clean laps I have done. Even beating top 16 players makes no difference to the mx points I can score. The only time I have ever scored more than 2400 points is on my other account. So I can only assume from that experince that my account is maxed out on trueskill. So if you have scored more than 2400 points you must have beaten people with a higher trueskill there is no other option to consider.

I can say for a fact that faster clean laps make no difference to the amount of points you are awarded. Beating people with a higher truskill is the only way to score more points.

If you are wondering if my experince of the leagues is extensive then I can back this up by saying I have won the pinnicle league 5 times in a row. Meaning I have spent a shed load of time on leagues maybe to much :slight_smile: yes I know winning the league isn’t a measure of skill but it’s certainly a measure of time played.

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To move out of Professional you have to win about 10 to 15 races straight with some awesome skills at that and impress the AI software that you have what it takes to move out of the current tier.

Only if you’ve been at it a while. When you first start your Trueskill fluctuates a lot more so you can move up or down faster. I got a fresh profile into Pinnacle having done about 7 league races in total - 3 at Grassroots and 4 at Pro, skipping Enthusiast and Elite completely. I then did just one race in Pinnacle and quit and got immediately relegated to Elite.

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this ‘true skill’… is there a way to see it?

I keep seeing it mentioned, but I’ve never understood what it is exactly, or if there is a way to see it.