Hot Wheels CC Blueprint Competition

Let’s have a competition to see who can come up with the best Hot Wheels cross country blueprint.

Here’s my first attempt ever at creating a blueprint which took me an hour. If you haven’t played around with the blueprint creator then give it a go, it’s quite neat.

Blueprint: HW CC
Share Code - 102 684 590

Blueprint preview

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I bet this thread gets zero comments now that this thread has been moved…

You should make a track for the new Porsche, it has the perfect dashboard for you. :wink:


I just made a dirt rally blueprint in hot wheels if anyone is interested in trying it. Happy to receive feedback as this is only my third ever blueprint.

Share code: 177 320 340

This has prompted me to have a look at this. I’ve got a route in the desert area that is nearly drivable so hopefully I’ll tidy it up and post in here.

Here’s mine. High power, short wheel base, big suspension recommended. This goes into untouched land and is meticulously designed. Warning, it’s not very noob friendly

Hot Wheels Offroad Goliath V1 105 602 282
Hot Wheels Offroad Goliath V1.1 (Night) 213 434 505

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I haven’t completed it all yet as I didn’t expect it to be that long but it’s very challenging. More challenging then any content I’ve done to date lol.

How did you do this at the start btw? I’m genuinely confused. Did you somehow modifying an existing track so that you could go down? Is that what the blue piece does?

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My attempt at getting something drivable. Tbh I don’t have enough patience to flesh it out properly.

100 009 855

Thanks for checking it out! I hear ya on the length, almost all my tracks to date are very noob friendly and not too long to avoid normal drivers getting annoyed but creating that type of track gets a bit old so I decided to make something for people with plenty of time on their hands that love off road challenges. I also really wanted to take advantage of all that unused land.

You chose a car with a low suspension so several parts will be much more difficult for you vs a tall suspension, I recommend trying the Canam, RZR, Brocky, Toyota Hilux Artic or the Derbeti Jeep for a much better driving experience.

The start is set from Forza Forest Stub. That blue piece is theirs and can’t be removed as far as I know and I wanted a quick drop down so I just added that ramp with the HW tracks. If you start a route there just as a test you can see what I mean. Thanks again for trying it out :slight_smile: Version 2-4 are coming as well.

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Tried your blueprint, not bad at all for the first blueprint, Glad you used some sign and those big walls at the end to help stay on track.
I must say tho, with great speed and ramp size comes great responsibility :joy: That first huge jump was fun but I wasn’t quite sure where to go, car kept heading towards the orange tracks and for some reason I couldn’t see the check point so I was unsure whether to land on the ground or on the tracks but made it work :slight_smile:
Other than that I would say next time use a bit more arrows for any major turns. Fun map tho, hope ya make more!

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Would love to support you in this….but like I said it doesn’t work properly. Although others have reported my tracks work.

I would even take requests if people wanted to try somethings.

One of my goals in horizon 4 was to use every road not used in the regular race tracks. Was planning out that here but too many things don’t work.

Anyways, to give you an idea of what I mean, here’s an attempt to use all the roads in the figure 8 off ramp section on the main map: On Ramp Or Off Ramp? You Decide: 273 345 111

I hope all the ramps/walls and props load. FYI; ignore the last checkpoint error and drive straight through the finish line. This will cancel the missed checkpoint message.

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That was a cool route, that’s one of my favorite locations in the whole game. The event lab builder has certain rules and perimeters that you need to follow and yes, some things don’t work properly but there’s pretty much always a work around, you just have to use process of elimination to determine where the issue is. Annoying yes I know but if you love to create enough, you will figure out a way to, if it’s not that important to you than you’ll move along to something else. They definitely need updates with the event lab, especially with convoys being able to play together but it is a usable system for now and they are working on improving it.

As far as props loading, I almost always finish a track then do a run through myself after the test drive and wait a few hours or even a day to wait to start sharing it because even tho you may see the props, sometimes players won’t until some time goes by, maybe it’s some kind of back end processing or something that needs to happen. I will also do a test with a friend and make sure they see the props before I consider it a finished track.

That check point issue you have has an easy solution, delete one of the check points in that area, the less checkpoints the better with custom blueprints. There are other ways to direct the drivers through your route like signs and walls/fencing. There’s some kind of invisible path that lines the track after you place a check point anywhere and if a person crosses that path they get the checkpoint missed warning.

It is what it it is, just use less of them. I’d recommend to keep building and figure out the work arounds, you have skills. Here’s my track at that same location, I had issues too with checkpoints but worked through them and now it’s free of any checkpoint issues. V2 Clover Raceway Daylight (3 lap race day) 384 203 549

Cool, thanks for the feedback. I’m actually aware of those workarounds. I waited 3 days before sharing a route to no avail. My issue is that my routes will work reasonably well IF the routes season matches the current season. When the season switches over, the props disappear….even after waiting to share as you say.

The checkpoint issue you speak of was never a problem in horizon 4 (at least very rare). I’ll try your suggestion in the future.

I’ll try your route when I get home this weekend.

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