Horizon Triathalon concept

My favorite moments in this Horizon so far have been the showcases, and the opening relay races that introduce the map at high speed. I think there’s an opportunity to combine the two into an awesome showcase event that would be highly replayable and mesh well with Horizon’s approach to racing.

My concept is to create a three car event where the player drives each car to a destination where the next car is waiting. For instance, the race starts on the dunes and beach near the resort, the player is in a Napier Railton trying to set a speed record in the sand while a speedboat is hopping the waves following close behind. When the player reaches the river delta the speed boat breaks off and the Tacoma T1000 Baja truck is waiting to rally up the river and towards the volcano while a helicopter is in chase. Once the player reaches the summit of the volcano the 19 corvette ZR-1 is waiting at the start of the winding road to race back down against its rival, the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR extreme (the player can choose which car to drive, and races against the other). The finish line is in the heart of the festival center by the cargo plane.

Thoughts? Above was just an example but the premise would be a relay style race with three different vehicles to drive in the same event.

It’s a shame Event Lab forces you to “own” a car instead of simply borrowing one, as otherwise this would all be feasible in that.

Showcases are in rivals no?

The Crew 2 has triathlon events, where you change cars/vehicles in the middle of the race. I remember one starts as a street racer, then powerboats and for finish, F1 cars. And all within one race.

It’s a lot of fun and it would be great to see it in other games :3