Horizon Promo in FH4

Horizon Promo

Announced in the Update 21 livestream, Horizon Promo is back (previously in FH3). This feature is unlocked when you purchase the Sunflower Meadows house in Ambleside.

Imagining the player as a promotional photographer for the Horizon Festival, this feature involves taking a picture of every car in FH4 for cumulative rewards. While in your garage or driving, enter Photo Mode (D-Pad Up or other controller setting), take a picture of one or more cars, and you’ll see your progress increase.

A photo icon above the cars in freeplay means you haven’t taken a photo of that car yet, which can be switched off in the HUD. The updated “Horizon Promo & Car Collection” menu in the Cars tab allows you to filter by cars Captured. “As more cars are added to the game, they will be become available to photograph too, so keep an eye on your car collection!”^ Update: the count as of May’s Series 22 update is 691, or 692 if you happen to capture Owen’s P1 (which isn’t listed in the menu).

The Horizon Life menu shows 36 tiers of Rewards:

  • CR totalling 730,000
  • 8 wheelspins
  • Quickchat phrases: “Smile, You’re on camera,” “Group Photo,” “Let me take a selfie,” “Say Cheese!” “Look at this photograph”
  • 2018 Ferrari Portofino, unlocked at level 6, for photographing 100 unique cars.
  • 1995 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 by Gunther Werks, unlocked at level 11, for photographing 200 unique cars.
  • From Mike Brown during #ForzaMonthly, Achievement hunters should keep an eye on future updates


Kind of underwhelming prizes,

Should be a few million credits, plus super wheelspins.

All I’m saying is the rewards just don’t seem to match up with the monumental task to get there.

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Agreed. Supposedly you get the Ferrari Portofino at 100 cars captured and the Gunther Werks 400R at 200 cars captured, which is nice, but even then 8 regular wheelspins in underwhelming.

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I never finished it in FH3.

Capri FE might be adequate.

This will never happen. Some players spent a lot of time to complete the StarCard and will not take lightly if it were offered so easily to others.


wow !

Will the filter be removed when I will disable that feature ?

I bet they screwed it.

Random specilation, but having the possibility to win 730 000 credits means there’ll be 730 cars in total, traffic cars included? I’m assuming this because in FH2 and FH3, each new cars caught in picture would net you 1 000 credits per cars.

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“and additional surprises”

I hope they don’t lock a new car behind this, as it has to be the most mind-numbing chore added to the game to date.


100 and 200 cars will not be as long as it seems, thanks to the blueprint feature.


Exactly, and since I love making custom routes and blueprints, this will be very easy to complete.

A welcomed returning feature, for sure.

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The promo was kind of fun to do in FH3 but it took quite a while to get every single car from every single manufacturer


Having every car in the game so far pre update 21, this will be a mammoth task.

OK for those who are late to the party and just starting where they can capture as they go I suppose.

Only way to get through it faster would be to create custom events for each each manufacturer and at least you’ll be able to capture multiple vehicles at once on the start line.

I hate to tell You this, but… I absolutely Loved Horizon Promo in the Previous Games, I used to love Taking Magazine Style Pictures of My Cars and getting Money for them! So I for one am Very Happy it has Returned.

That Free Ferrari Portofino and the Equally Free Gunther Works Porsche are just the Icing on a Very Nice Cake IMO, so, for once, Playground has actually made Me just a little bit Happy.


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but not custom championships? You know, something that would actually add to the game as opposed just being mindless busy work to complete a checklist?

You know, I’m not really one to bash on game developers, especially for adding content (regardless of whether I like it or not) but this one comes off as a slap in the face.


[Mod Edit - In point of fact people were asking for it when the game launched. - MM]


Blueprint isn’t even required. Play in offline mode and circle through all car categories. The AI will adjust theirs cars accordingly and you can take off large numbers rapidly.
Special stuff will require more dedication but both cars should be unlocked in no time.


Yes, that is another option, for sure. Although, the ai doesn’t update/adjust promptly, on a consistent basis. I’ve noticed that it sometimes takes a race/event before it will adjust.

Either way, I missed this feature. This is something you can focus on while waiting for an online lobby as well.

I figured one of the reasons they discontinued this was because being in a Horizon Live session all the time meant that they had to sync the traffic with all the players. Dropping into a pause menu to bring your camera up would be unfeasible. You’d have to go chasing any cars you spotted in the wild. It would really only work in a solo session. I wonder how this will work; if they’ve figured a way around that. Or if it will only work in solo mode.

One of the things that made this fun in Horizon 2 and 3 was that you could just snap pictures of cars in the wild, and you’d get tiered payouts for every 20 or 50 or 100 cars you got. You may never get them all, but you always get something from it. I still haven’t gotten every car in Horizon 2 or 3 yet. I could just get each car I don’t already have pics of from my garage, and get pictures in Forzavista, but that would be more trouble than it’s worth.

I thought they added in an update that when you enter photo mode player controlled cars will “freeze” for the picture, but everything will continue on as so within the session.

It works exactly like that. When you go into photo mode everything stays still, but once you go out of it, the world has moved on (including the cars of which you made the photo).

Accessing photo mode needs a quicker better solution. Holding the d-pad up is just so cumbersome and takes too much time. At least they should add the ability to access it to the pause menu (like it has been in every game before this one). Sendo Tenshi suggested method would be perfect.

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